Sierra Club Launches "Mr. Coal" Video Campaign to Mock Dirty Coal PR

The Sierra Club launched a funny new ”Mr. Coal“ video campaign this week in its ongoing 'Beyond Coal' effort to shut down coal plants throughout the United States.

The campaign will feature a steady stream of satirical TV commercials mocking the coal industry's incessant and incredulous claims about job creation, “clean coal,” and many other dirty PR tricks pitched by King Coal time and time again.

Feast your eyes on one of the ads below:

The Club has teamed up with Mekanism, a San Francisco, CA-based creative campaign agency, to push out these commercials.

The New York Times notes that the effort is fueled by some of the funding that Sierra Club received from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bolstered by a $50 million grant from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City, the Sierra Club is introducing its first major national video campaign to promote its Beyond Coal initiative…Its budget is $300,000.

Here is a second spot below, and you can follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter


Big Coal spent $80 million to promote their lies before the Obama administration set its formal energy agenda. Environmentalists actually spent $16million to counter it : pretty good for no corporate funding, I thought.

It’s been over 10 years since Cheney eviscerated environmental protections, such as they were. Streambed protection became nonexistent and decapitating mountaintops to expose ancient deposits of minerals and vegetation and more ran concurrent with deposits building up from scrubbing exhaust from coal fired generating plants. Sourcewatch has a scary nexus dealing with that.

West Virginia is running out of sites to pillage. Attention will be moving to despoiling western watershed.

Time magazine is changing it’s tune, finally!

p.s. It’s a shame that they used the old ‘paint guy’ for some these comercials, he used to be a favorite of mine way back when…….  =(

“Time magazine is changing it’s tune, finally!”

Ahhh yes, this is a real blow. Time magazine is refered to almost daily here and other pro AGW blogs. It is like the go to place for all AGW science and opinion. So this comes as a real shock. 


what that link site… powerlineblog.  Yup… A real hard hitter there.  They have the real inside scoop I bet.

It’s a sign of the times, Phil, like it or not.

Places like Desmog and Climate Progress are becoming increasingly ‘fringe’ these days as their message becomes more alarmist.

The average Joe is not really listening anymore.

“It’s a sign of the times,”

Nice pun ;)

“Places like Desmog and Climate Progress are becoming increasingly ‘fringe’ these days as their message becomes more alarmist”

Lara, that’s just wishfull thinking I’m afraid. There is no proof of that. Desmog’s traffic stats show a rise if anything. It’s search analytics show that quite a few of the hits on this site come from WFTUWT. Thanks Wattsy for pointing them to the facts :)

Maybe they come here after being exposed to so much right wing nuttery over there at RFLMAO@WUWT?

“The average Joe is not really listening anymore.”

Lara, surely you must tire of that mantra? It’s really like a broken record. Ive been hearing it for about 10 years now. Can you give me a ballpark figure on when they will totally stop listening? Going by the search analytics, most of the denier blogs are listening. Logically they wouldn’t give attention to something they consider fringe or having no effect…..but they do.

I don’t know about not listening. I see dozens of stories every day. If you sign up to google alerts, you would see dozens of reports and articles each week, many in mainstream. I gather you don’t so, here is todays alerts in case you missed them.  (A Christian one Snapple!)

Heck, there was even a story today in one of the tech blogs I subscribe to:

If no one is listening, why do they write stories about it every day ? It’ a curious affair. I can post you 10 or so a day if you are struggling to find the people listening if you like.

There have been many articles on the sharp drop in media coverage of CAGW, including more than a few from your favorites Joe Romm and Any Revkin. I haven’t got time today to dig for more links, there are many though…….

“There have been many articles on the sharp drop in media coverage of CAGW

Well, since “CAGW” is only a term used and found on denier blogs, I guess that is correct. And that statement that there is a drop in media coverage is a more honest and accurate representation of the facts than:

“The average Joe is not really listening anymore” and 

“ they stop feeding them what they no longer want to hear. 

Because clearly, there are still many stories on it every day as i have pointed out to you. Since we are not mitigating at the rates we need to and even more CO2 is being pumped into the planet, the affects will only get worse and harder to ignore. MSM media has decreased it’s coverage for the moment, but other areas have kept steady or increased e.g. books, documentaries, radio programs. 

The only way it will totally disappear from the news is via censorship. 

My point being that the media gives people what they want, or conversely, they stop feeding them what they no longer want to hear.

That “article” is a really poorly written hack job, even for a site that has an ideological raison d’etre.

Not really a source you go to for the latest scientific research, or reasoned analysis, or balanced treatment of important issues. It’s the kind of place people go to for confirming their views.

It is true that news coverage was lower, but as you look at the graph of coverage trends, you see that it bottomed out in late 2010.

On the other hand, a Pew Research Center study showed that more people are convinced that there is “strong evidence” of human-caused climate change and the numbers of those who rate it as a serious problem is climbing back as well.

I guess it is a case of less of the theatrical reporting on the “gates” and the overdone movies and more reporting on the growing body of evidence around the globe at all latitudes.