Greedy Lying Bastards, New Film Pulls No Punches To Expose Climate Denial Machine

Greedy Lying Bastards is a new film hitting mainstream theaters nationwide in the U.S. this weekend.

If you like DeSmogBlog, you're going to love this film.

Here's the Rotten Tomatoes review including theater times, etc. (Feel free to add your own star rating!) 

The film, produced by actress Daryl Hannah and directed by Craig Rosebraugh, essentially tells the DeSmogBlog story. Greedy Lying Bastards chronicles the dirty money trail from tobacco companies paying for fake experts to attack the science linking cigarettes and cancer, through to the modern day equivalent of oil companies paying fake experts and think tanks to attack climate science and fight against any government attempts to regulate pollution to protect public health. 

Michael O'Sullivan's review in the Washington Post today describes Greedy Lying Bastards best:

“There actually is plenty of sober — and sobering — evidence presented to support the film’s thesis that (a) climate change is real, (b) it’s our fault and (c) a bunch of bad guys have prevented us from getting a handle on it. It’s that last part, alluded to in the film’s title, that is the film’s bread and butter.”

The film showcases the strange and wonderful “carnival barkers” like Lord Christopher Monckton, the spindoctors like Marc Morano and, of course, the heroes - like the embattled climate scientists James Hansen and Michael Mann, our longtime friend Kert Davies at Greenpeace, EPA whistleblower Rick Piltz and DeSmogBlog's founder Jim Hoggan.

Here's the trailer (while you're watching, there's a call for a Congressional investigation into the climate deniers and their funders you can sign over at

Please spread to word to everyone you know in cities where the film is showing this weekend. 


Cant wait to see this movie. When will it be available to stream? As I am in Australia and am willing to pay to stream it now.

Good job Daryl, Craig and crew!

It is about time these deniers were exposed. The Climate Change Deniers have been getting too much media coverage. Polls have been showing that too many Americans (and Canadians) have been falling for their manipulations, deceptions and lies.

I hope this documentary comes to Canada soon.

It continues to amaze me how many times I read comments like “there's been no sign of warming for over 15yrs” in response to newspaper columns and blogs on climate change.. Many Americans have bought into the BS that the climate change deniers have been peddling!

It continues to amaze me how many times I read comments like “there's been no sign of warming for over 15yrs”

Yes, they definately want to use that as a red herring. People who don't bother to look into it and don't look at the graphs are sucked in by that sort of shite. It's particularly effective in radio or on tv where they either dont have to show the graph, or they show a cherry picked graph starting at 1998.

They love to go down the up escalator.

Virtually every part of the “hasn't warmed for 15-16 years” meme is hotter than previous decades. People who havent seen the graphs think, hasnt warmed means, gone back to 1890 levels.


How do you argue with people like this who have totally bought into the deniers rhetoric …

Statement in defence of climate change …

No sign of warming??? That is the nonsense the climate change deniers want you to believe, They are making fools out of Americans - but the documentary “Dirty Lying Bastards” reveals their deceitful unethical campaign.

Response …

“There are equal studies disproving man made global warming as there are supporting it. That's the beauty of science, most everything is a hypothesis. I suppose one must choose which hypothesis to “side with”. Each will consider the other a fool.”

Or to this statement …

Suggested reading “Climate Cover-up” by James Hoogan and “Exposing The Climate Hoax: It's All About the Economy” by John P. Reisman (a right wing conservative who is offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove the global warming is not human caused).

Response …

“It's funny, those are the exact allegations being made by the opposition.”

“Global warming is now the leading cause of documentaries….”

So true!! Haha!

Oh yes, of course Lara. And of course you don't bother to bring any eveidence with you didn you? Just your personal blinkered opinion.

Top documantaries don't seem to have a disproportionate amount of environmental docos compared to others.

As usual, you're full of shit.


I laughed…

Perhaps she meant to say that, “Climate Change is the leading cause of documentaries that paid internet trolls whine and complain about?”

That's probably more accurate.

Unfortunately many Americans think we are all a bunch of left wing conspirators that threaten their democratic way of life! When in fact the climate change deniers are a greater threat to democracy than most democratic left wing governments. And Europeans (and a few knowledgable Americans) are gaining more and more freedom by getting off the energy grid as much as possible.

My greatest fear is that the deniers and their supporters will effectively delay any real measures to combat global warming before it is too late. The clock is ticking … faster and faster the more we delay.

Unfortunately many Americans think we are all a bunch of left wing conspirators that threaten their democratic way of life!”

The MSM and denialosphere are having some success at painting AGW as a left only conspiracy. You only have to look at WUWT to see the anti left theme they run with over there. They employ dog whistle blogging aimed at training their viewers to believe it is a hoax perpetrated by the left to destroy profit, our way of life, economies, have us living in caves etc etc.

Their stories stay right away from the fact that there are many conservative governments and politicians that support the science also. They desperately want this to be about the left. E.g Al Gore is made to be some instigator of the whole “movement”, or “religion”. When not only did he have nothing to do with it, he isn't even a major player in the AGW debate.


I'm decidedly Center to Center Right.  On the Left we have NDP who's concerned about more socialist issues + the environment.  Liberal is Center.  Conservative is Right.  (Our current PM is so far right that I like to joke that if he leans closer to the center he'll fall over.)

I'm a soft conservative.. who's concerned about the environment.  *sigh*  At this rate I will have to vote for left wing nuts in the next election.  That ain't me.

For the life of me I can't figure out why the environment has to be a political football.

I know where you are coming from. My political leanings are much the same as yours. So, I voted Conservative in the last election, making one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had no idea of what Harper had in mind for this country, its democracy and its environment! Harper at times seem to act more like a dictator than an democratically elected leader! He scares the hell out of me - having environment organizations audited and monitored by the RCMP; and muzzling our scientists.

Even though I know they have no chance of winning more than Elizabeth May's seat, I plan to vote for the Green Party next election! Elizabeth May seems to be the only one really challenging many of Harper's actions. Trudeau appears to be the choice of the Liberals for their new leader - I don't trust at all. And I really prefer not to vote NDP.

@AnOilMan: “For the life of me I can't figure out why the environment has to be a political football.”

That's easy: the all-pervasive neoliberal ideology requires consumption without limits.  AGW is a stark reminder that there are limits, so it has to be denied, or neoliberalism falls apart.  The fact that the neolibs came out of the 2008 financial meltdown stronger than ever shows just how strong their hold over democracy is.

I hope there is a Congressional investigation of these climate deniers and funders- and soon! I just don't understand how they continue to get away with their manipulations, deceptions and lies. IMHO what they have been doing borders on treason. To my thinking they are a greater threat to democracy and the future of this planet than the taliban or al-qaeda.