New York Times Shuts Down Popular Green Energy & Environment Blog

Only a few weeks after The New York Times announced it would be dismantling its environment reporting desk, a visit today to the popular New York Times Green blog finds that it has been shut down as well.

In a post titled “A Blog's Adieu,” they write:

“The Times is discontinuing the Green blog, which was created  to track environmental and energy news and to foster lively discussion of developments in both areas. This change will allow us to direct production resources to other online projects. But we will forge ahead with our aggressive reporting on environmental and energy topics, including climate change, land use, threatened ecosystems, government policy, the fossil fuel industries, the growing renewables sector and consumer choices.”

I'll post reactions to this bad news as I receive them. Pop any that you see into the comments below, please. 



Postmedia News has quietly dropped the environment column.

They supply the digital portion of news to a huge portion of Canada's papers.

The Environment column was broken for a good year or so and not updating.  Now its just quietly disappeared.  (It used to be under technology.)

CEO tied to Sun Media, Quebecore.

He worked with far right wing politicians.

“In 1985 it was reported that Godfrey had joined the new Ontario Premier Frank Miller's informal 'kitchen cabinet', a group that got together Thursday mornings at the Sutton Place Hotel to discuss issues of the day during breakfast. This was similar to a 'breakfast club' setup by the previous premier Bill Davis but with a more right-wing bent.[11]”