Kentucky Lawmakers Still Fighting Nonexistent War On Coal

Even the coal industry itself has conceded that there is no “war on coal”, but lawmakers in the coal-dependent state of Kentucky are still fighting this imaginary battle.

In the wake of President Obama’s speech earlier this summer where he discussed the need to reduce our dependence on coal and work on ways to control coal plant pollution, a bi-partisan group of lawmakers in Kentucky sent a letter to the president last week, warning him that his “war on coal” would be devastating to their state.

The 50 state legislators who signed onto the letter accuse the president of launching an “unfair attack on coal,” which the lawmakers argue will have a devastating effect on their state economy.

The bi-partisan group told the president that the coal industry is responsible for as much as $10 billion in “yearly” economic activity, although that number only represents the year 2010, and subsequent years have seen a sharp decline in the profitability of the industry’s operations in Kentucky.

While it is true that coal currently plays an important role in the Kentucky economy, using that as the sole reason to allow coal extraction to continue unfettered is a very poor plan.  Currently, 22 counties in Kentucky have active coal mines, and together employ nearly 13,000 workers.  The total number of workers is relatively small, but economically speaking, every job creates a ripple effect throughout the economy, boosting local businesses across the state.

But you can’t have a discussion on economics without considering things like opportunity cost and overall economic health.  The lawmakers that sent the letter to Obama conveniently omitted these facts, as they completely destroy their case that coal is necessary for Kentucky.

In a nutshell, the coal industry is a net negative for the state of Kentucky.  When considering only the direct costs that the coal mining industry encounters, which includes research and development, training, and repairing the infrastructure that is destroyed or degraded during coal mining and moving, the industry is in the red

But the true cost of coal for Kentucky is more than what the industry spends or puts back into the economy.  The residents who aren’t involved in the industry in any way are paying a very large price. 

Coal mining and coal dumping sites are riddled with both poverty and exceedingly higher than average rates of cancer.  Both of these external costs are shifted onto the taxpayers and federal government, who will ultimately have to pay for assistance and healthcare for those affected by the industry’s activities.

And it gets even worse.  Kentucky, as a direct result of the coal industry, is home to Congressional districts that rank last in the country in life expectancy, general well-being, and emotional and physical health.  For obvious reasons, the lawmakers didn’t include those little facts in their letter to the president.

As if that’s not enough, the state ranks fourth in the country for toxic power plant emissions, and is second in the nation for the release of arsenic, a cancer-causing heavy metal releasesd into the environment from power plants and mountaintop removal mining. 

If jobs are the only concern of the lawmakers, then shifting the state to clean, renewable energy would create more jobs than the coal industry currently provides for the state.  But if they are simply trying to preserve the campaign cash that flows freely from the industry, then they are right on point.


Much more rapidly than might be imagined.

Revolutionary new technologies are en-route that can turn future cars into power plants, able to sell electricity when suitably parked. No wires needed. Cars, truck and buses might even pay for themselves.

Since these are hard to believe breakthroughs, a means has been required to increase support for the best of them.

An engine has been invented that needs no fuel. It could trigger a perpetual commotion.


Since these engines will not get hot, after a prototype is validated by an independent lab, small plastic desktop piston engines are planned that will run a radio and recharge cell phones.

Metal versions are expected to power homes 24/7 and replace diesel generators. They also may provide emergency generators and an on-board recharge for electric cars.

Making the “impossible” possible will open a surprisingly practical path to rapid reduction in the need for fossil fuels.

“Where's the magic overunity transformer? You've said you've had one working since 2004.

“Where's the magic overunity tuning fork? You've said you've had that working since early 2007.

“Where's the magic overunity motor? You've said you've had that since mid 2007.

“Where's the magic ambient heat engine? Over a year ago you said you had a car that ran 4800 miles on it.

“You said the transformer broke. You said you never built another one because it so much faster and easier to build your magic tuning forks. That was three years ago. After a year and a half of the tuning fork ruse, you switched to the ambient heat scam. The car, the outboard motor, the golf cart you said ran from ambient heat alone, you cannot produce for inspection. You told the childishly ridiculous story that the inventor removed the engine, and sold the car. The car is gone but where is the magic motor that you say propelled it? Was it siezed with the outboard motor and golf cart by agents of big oil or aliens? And now you're onto the hydrino scam…”

- Penny Gruber, 09/08/2009

“For over 20 years Mark Goldes has claimed his company MPI has been developing machines that generate energy for free. In over 20 years his company has not presented one shred of evidence that they can build such machines…

“For the past five years Mark Goldes has been promising generators 'next year.' He has never delivered. Like 'Alice in Wonderland' there will always be jam tomorrow, but never jam today.

- Penny Gruber, December 2008

- Penny Gruber's comment was written almost five years ago - but it's just as true today - except that MPI, Goldes' corporation that he claimed would bring in one billion dollars in revenue from his imaginary generator in 2012, is now defunct, having never produced any “Magnetic Power Modules” - just as his company called “Room Temperature Superconductors Inc” is also now defunct, having never produced any “room temperature superconductors.” Evidently there's a limit to how many years in a row the same company can claim it will finally have something to demonstrate “next year.” Now Goldes has a new scamporation, Chava Energy.

After reading environment and energy blogs for the past year or so, I've come to the conclusion that there is a war on coal. It's being waged by oil and gas and environmental NGOs like EDF, NRDC, Sierra Club, etc and various think tanks. Many media groups can be included in this as well. Their substitute for coal is shale fracked natural gas. Ironically, the nut in shale is oil and natural gas liquids not pure gas - so the argument is silly. Some of the NGOs have backed off as environmental repercussions become blatantly obvious for shale gas production. But nothing eases the conscious more than a big fat check in the form of a tax deductible gift.

Coal producing states can easily frame the argument as those tree hugging liberals taking away its hard working resident's livelihoods. Forgetting that this so called war is really being funded by oil and gas.

I read something similar about Keystone.  The biggest opponent is… rail.  They've been running around and funding anyone who will oppose the pipeline.

Rail can be cheaper than pipeline transport for certain deliveries. Oil and gas looks at pipelines and rail as options. Pipeline companies are doing fine regardless of rail. That's been the case since the late 1990s when oil and gas divested those assets

AnOilMan I have a question for you. Do you work for a Canadian Oilsands company? Not that I really care - its just that anonymous commenters who do rapid replies are typically PR flacks and image consultants.

1976: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims to have developed a production-ready wind-propelled, wind-rechargeable motorcycle that can reach 60 mph:,4597316

1998: Goldes successfully defrauds taxpayers of over four hundred thousand dollars by swindling the witless US Air Force with his “room temperature superconductor” scam.

2005: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that his company, MPI, is developing “Magnetic Power Modules”:

2008: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that “MPI is also developing breakthrough magnetic energy technologies including POWERGENIE (Power Generation of Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy).” Goldes claims to have “run an electric car for more than 4,800 miles with no need to plug-in.” According to Goldes, “[MPI] Revenues from licenses and Joint Ventures are conservatively projected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2012.”,d.aWc

2009: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that his latest scamporation, Chava Energy, “has been developing enhanced theoretical and practical paths that lead towards commercialization of energy conversion systems that utilize hydrinos.” He now claims to be “developing a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE(tm) powered by hydrinos.”–One-Barrel-of-W-by-Mark-Gold...

This person who posts under the name Penny Gruber as well as others has been an internet troll for many years.

She attacks unproven technologies, most of which are inventor’s delusion. She is sometimes correct.

Her repeated accusations of fraud and scam are in this case and others simply false.

Partial truths and innuendo are used to back up the assertions, including unsubstantiated claims, guilt by association, etc. Much of what is quoted is simply untrue.

Thinking that a lie told hundreds of times will gain validity, these attacks are posted often.

Entrepreneurs working with inventors making claims of breakthrough technologies make mistakes, sometimes big ones. We have been no exception.

Material on the AESOP Institute website reflects decades of experience. That site opens the door to technologies with a high probability of making major contributions to accelerating a sharp reduction in the need for fossil and radioactive fuels.

[Mark Goldes:” You have never presented] “the non-existant generators you have long claimed that operate without any conventional fuel… and you never will. The rotary devices you claim have been working since 2007 never made it to a test lab and never will. Neither did your claimed and unseen hydrino contraptions. The car you claimed went 5000 miles on ambient heat: disappeared, and is not available for inspection. Neither is available the 206HP outboard motor you claimed ran for a week, nor is available the magic golf cart you claimed also ran powered only by ambient heat. The transformer you claimed was a working OU device in 2004: broke years ago and you can't be bothered to fix it or build another to submit to test. Why? You say it is because you are in a hurry to get to market. That's some hurry you are in. You say you've had working machines for almost five years now, and can't evidence a single one. By the way, where is the contraption that you stated would be tested by EarthTech following completion of tests by Lee Felsenstein the week of 6/25/2008?”

- Penny Gruber

Thanks Keyto!

It seems that Marc Goldes and Sergio Rossi are cut from the same cloth.  I have a sneaking admiration for such people and love to watch their antics from a safe distance.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”   Theodore Roosevelt

Mark, you are not striving to accomplish any triumphant deeds at all, but only to swindle and defraud people with your endless scams, just as you have done for decades. Here's a sample of your shameless dishonesty from 2007:

MPI is also developing breakthrough magnetic energy technologies including POWERGENIE™ (Power Generation of Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy). Based upon proprietary discoveries in MPI’s labs, generators are being designed that operate continuously, without fuel…”

“Prototypes of the non-magnetic system have been in operation for more that one year and successfully run an electric car for more than 4,800 miles with no need to plug-in. Magnetic system prototypes are currently being developed in the laboratories. A breakthrough proof-of-concept POWERGENIE example has been evaluated by Lee Felsenstein, EE

“Revenues from licenses and Joint Ventures are conservatively projected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2012.
2008: $25 million; 2009: $100 million; 2010: $300 million; 2011: $600 million, 2012: $1 billion.”,d.aWc

What was called POWER GENIE is now an issued U.S. Patent and is still part of a development program.

The car that claimed to have run 4,800 miles was indeed a scam. On us by an inventor. We made the mistake of publicizing his work before we learned of our mistake.

Revenue projections were based on a large approved injection of capital which never materialized. All such projections in Business Plans are subject to change by circumstances beyond the control of entrepreneurs. That capital source was controlled by the Chinese government, unknown to us at the time, and unexpectdly limited investment to Chinese firms.

Magnetic generators are slowly moving toward validation and markets. Joseph Romm has pointed out that new science typically takes 20 to 30 years to move into the market as practical technology. He has been proven correct. But to the suprise of many the new science has opened doors to solid-state and mechanical generators that will play an important role in energy production in the future.

We have made mistakes aplenty and certainly errors of judgement, but never has there been fraud or dishonesty on my part or by the firms I led.

The history of cold fusion is an excellent case study in the difficulty of moving new science and technology into practical products and the market. See lenr-canr .org for solid science that continues to be ridiculed and disbelieved by most of the scientific community.

Surival of humanity requires breakthrough technoloies that disrupt and end the need for fossil and radioactive fuels. In spite of trolls and false acusations they are being born worldwide. I am proud to work with a few of the inventors and scientists who are changing the world in ways that will become clear in due time.

Our polymer room temperature Ultraconductors were also reproduced independently by Fractal Systems which made almost 1,000 samples for the Air Force. That program is in the process of revival. For those that are curious, see a bit about them at MOVING BEYOND OIL on the AESOP Institute website. Cryogenic superconductors have had billions of dollars in support and we were severely underfunded as few scientists could believe they were possible. With the exception of every scientist who visited our labs.

To your surprise and that of many others, the cold fusion work by Andrea Rossi is increasingly likely to prove real. The U.S. government seems to quietly be one of his major customers.

One of the most laughable of Mark Goldes' many invention scams is his “POWERGENIE” sound-powered generator. The brilliant idea of this revolutionary breakthrough is to blow a horn at a magnetized tuning rod, designed to resonate at the frequency of horn, and then collect the electromotive energy produced by the vibrations of the rod.

I'm not making this up.

POWERGENIE tuning rod engine explained - from the patent:

[The device incorporates] “an energy transfer and multiplier element being constructed of a ferromagnetic substance possessing magnetostrictive characteristics, magnetoelastic characteristics,or both; and having a natural resonance, due to a physical structure whose dimensions are directly proportional to the wavelength of the resonance frequency…”

“In this resonant condition, the rod material functions as a tuned waveguide, or longitudinal resonator, for acoustic energy.”

“Ferrite rod 800 is driven to acoustic resonance at the second harmonic of its fundamental resonant frequency by acoustic horn 811, resulting in acoustic wave 816 within the rod having two nodal points. Each nodal point exhibits instantaneous acoustic pressure opposite the other nodal point. Bias magnet 801 produces magnetic flux 802 extending axially through both nodal points developed within rod 800. Since both nodal points within the rod develop oppositely signed instantaneous acoustic pressure, the electromotive force developed via the magnetoelastic effect at each nodal point is oppositely directed. Coils 820 and 821 are wound oppositely and connected in electrical series, such that their developed electromotive forces add. The sum electromotive force of coils 820 and 821 develops electrical current and power in resistive load 830.”

- But the patent doesn't tell us who is going to volunteer blow the horn at the rod all day. Perhaps it will come with an elephant.

Goldes claimed in 2008 that this wonderful triumph of human genius would bring his company one billion dollar in annual revenue by 2012.