Congress candidate Michele Bachmann's comedy act

Check out this video of Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann's stance on climate change. The absurdity of her Inhofean message is definitely not lost on her audience.


It amazes me how long these myths stick around.  I’m almost tempted to put out a global cooling bounty.  I have yet to see anyone reference a peer review journal that shows an imminent prediction of global cooling.  The national academy of sciences sure as hell didn’t.   The closest they came was saying there was a ‘non zero’ chance that it could happen because we had an extremely poor understanding of aerosols and other mechanisms at the time.  That ‘non-zero’ chance went to a complete zero in less than 3 years of work.  Every journal that even hinted at global cooling said we had no clue because no research has actually been done.

 This is a joke.  It’s like the truth doesn’t matter.

She is refering to the petition put out by the Discovery Institute. It is as bogus as the Oregon petition. I cannot get a link from the DI’s website to it so they may have had it removed since it was so embarassing to them.

Ian forrester 

I think that the DI was in an ABC piece by Bill Blakemore – it turned out to be this little wierd office or something… I do remember it being ridiculous. The piece was called ” The flight of the Dodos.”

Speaking of evolution, this documentary should be interesing: