Conservative Talk Show Host Brian Sussman Adds 'Climategate' to His List of Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Newest climategate book a 'greatest hits' of conspiracy theories

The book “Climategate: A Meteorologist Exposes the Myth of Global Warming” is the newest bang on the Climategate drum.  It is written by none other than Brian Sussman, the California TV personality whose conspiracy theories also include ‘birther’ arguments and the discovery of the real Noah’s Ark

The conservative media has fallen into a rut of chanting ‘climategate, climategate, climategate’ every time global warming is mentioned.  If conservative mojo is demonstrated by how loudly one can say it, Brian Sussman just announced his candidacy for denier-in-chief.

Sussman’s book, released on Earth Day 2010, is based on the over-arching theory that the entire environmental movement is a farce.  The back cover reads: “For many decades, communists, socialists and the global elite have tossed a dizzying array of predicaments into American culture; that carbon dioxide emissions generated by mankind are ruining the planet, is their greatest assertion yet.”

According to Sussman, Earth Day is a socialist plot, DDT is harmless, Rachel Carson was wrong, and Al Gore doesn’t even believe in global warming.  Indeed, he thinks practically every environmental issue can be explained away as part of this theory. The book includes such gems as explaining how installing smart-meters that help the grid save energy is really just helping Big Brother become a reality

It’s not necessary to address Sussman’s claims about Climategate, as numerous investigations have cleared the scientists of wrongdoing and found the underlying science sound.  The book’s title is merely a trendy hook slapped on a book that’s been in the works for two years.

This book is marketed for conservative conspiracy theorists.  He’s tapping into the small but passionate market of people who believe that Barack Obama is not a US citizen, that there is a global socialist plot to take over the world, and that only the poor and underrepresented right-wing base can see the truth.  The book shot to number #7 on Amazon in the first days after it was released.  True to form, Sussman, like Glenn Beck, also appears to be a proponent of investing in gold, as his personal website is named God, Guns and Gold.

I suspect that Sussman’s climategate book is selling better than the first climategate book by Steve Mosher because it is positively nuttier.  Mosher, who broke the climategate story in November, believes that climate change exists.  His book, (Climategate: The CRUtape letters) does not make expansive claims about socialist conspiracies, but instead details (in somewhat dry text) his and co-author Tom Fuller’s understandings of the workings of climate scientists at CRU.  This post is hardly an endorsement of the CRUtape Letters, but I cite it to highlight how one book became more popular among the conservative base.  (Current Amazon rankings: Mosher 18,127, Sussman 236.)

Brian Sussman proves that conspiracy theories sell copy, and confirms his self-assigned title of ‘media-icon’ by demonstrating his ability to soak up attention by repeating catch-phrases and buzzwords.

In the land of deniers, it is far easier to point to conspiracy theories than to try to find any support for their claims in the scientific literature.


I’m just wondering in an article I read about Sussman appearing on Hannity’s vanity show I recall there being something about how in his book he PROVES there is no scientific consensus on climate. Since I am very certainly not going to purchase his book could someone who has read it just fill me in just how he attempts to prove there is no scientific consensus.

I’m just wondering how he goes about it given that all the major scientific academies world wide support the idea that global warming is primarily caused by human activities such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation.

Thanks for this post. I’ve been tracking the outrageous comments from Sussman for years. I have often contacted advertisers about the more egregious ones where he supports torture and attacks Muslims. His attacks on liberals and democrats range from name calling to more serious defamation.

Attempting to counter his misinformation on his own show regarding this issue is especially difficult because it regularly descends into name calling and shouting.

However it would be nice if someone here at the DeSmog blog posted a review of the book on Amazon. Reviews there have been voted down for not “addressing the science.” You sound like someone who could provide that kind of review.

Especially from highly credible sources. But it certainly doesn’t have to be limited in that way.

What I find insanely humorous is that he uses the term “the global elite” to descibe one group that is behind the conspiracy. If there’s anything “the global elite” would be in favor of it’s in lining their pockets by exploiting the world’s resources to the fullest.