Cooler Heads

One of our favourites among the climate change deniers is, not least because it is “a project of the Cooler Heads Coalition. We love that sense of sage reserve, that conservative caution, even if we’re frightened at the prospect that Cooler Heads might prevail.
Here’s a nice example of their work:

“The 60 Plus Association
Senior citizens will be the ones really burnt if this foolish Kyoto Treaty is implemented - burnt with higher energy costs for fuel in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, both of which are essential for their health.”

And you have to agree that 80-year-olds with no grandchildren (and presumably no conscience) would be well advised to leave the lights on at home when they go driving in their Hummer. Unfortunately, dour fun-killers that we are, we have to advise against spending the retirement fortune holidaying on the Gulf Coast.