COP-13 Ends as COP-OUT

BALI, Indonesia - A U.N. climate conference adopted a plan Saturday to negotiate a new global warming pact.European and U.S. envoys dueled into the final hours of the two-week meeting over the European Union's proposal that the Bali mandate suggest an ambitious goal for cutting industrial nations' emissions – by 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. That guideline's specific numbers were eliminated from the text, but an indirect reference was inserted instead.


“the final document instructs negotiators to consider incentives and other means to encourage poorer nations to curb, on a voluntary basis, growth in their emissions.”

So, at the end,the Yanks sold us out. Instead of holding firm to drive a stake through the heart of the “solve AGW” racket once and for all, they’ve left the door open to export lots of nice cash to the Chinese who will pragmatically continue to expand their industrial base and beat up on us economically. Brilliant move.