Copendenier Henrik Svensmark collapses on Danish TV

A little drama on Danish TV tonight here at the Copenhagen climate talks.

This article was drafted by Steffen Gronemann from the Danish site,, who I asked to write up a report on this, given my complete lack of ability to speak Danish.

During a live primetime climate-debate broadcasted on Danish national TV one of the participators, climate-skeptic scientist Henrik Svensmark, had a heart attack.

Bjorn Lomborg was by his side in the tv-studio when the scientist mid-sentence fell ill. THe 41 year old Henrik Svensmark made an awkward spasm/shudder and burst out a strange noise, sounding like a cough.

The other participants in the debate looked baffled and he mumbled:

“It’s my heart,” and fell to the ground and the pacemaker kicked in once more and you could hear him scream. Bjrøn Lomborg yelled “call an ambulance, call an ambulance” and the host and the other participants came over to help the man.

The show was put on hold for 10 minutes and the viewers were informed that Svensmark has a pacemaker, and it went on because his heart rate had slowed down. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and is according to the latest reports his condition is steady now.

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Update: here’s the video


I don’t like the guy, but I have had a heart attack before and I was having angina that just kept on getting worse for about a year until five stents were put in just a couple of months ago. Frankly I wouldn’t wish that sort of thing even on McIntyre. Although it may be against my better judgement I hope he gets better.

41? He’s younger than me by two years. Then again my heart attack was at age 33 and I have a little brother who just had to beat me and have one at age 28. I would recite the names of all the other people in my family who have had heart attacks, but it would be a bit like Don Giovanni’s list of conquests rolling off into the orchestral pit…

As I’ve said, I wish him well.

C’mon, do it. You know you wish to do it. Go ahead, paraphrase the e-mails. Celebrate and say something like; 1 down only 1,000 to go.

If we lose this guy, we lose a Banting, a Best, a real contibutor to science.

Against all odds, and with no help or funding from the closed minded AGW funding agencies, this guy has come up with a whole new theory as to how cosmic radiation affects clouds.

I wish him a speedy recovery!

I wish Dr. Svensmark a full and speedy recovery, as I would anyone who suffers a heart attack or ill health.

It is low indeed to use his misfortune to get in a few cheap political digs.

I wish Svensmark well, even though we are on opposite sides of this most urgent issue. He is a fellow Scandinavian (him being a Dane and me being a quarter Swedish) and I wouldn’t wish harm to come to any of my Scandy-brothers and sisters (not to mention most other people on the planet). (Heck, I can’t stand Sen. Inhofe, but I wouldn’t want him to suffer one of these things. The best result, although infinitesimally unlikely, would be for him to be defeated in his next election.)

Get well soon, Henrik! I look forward to you being in fighting shape again so my side can trounce you again in a debate about the lack of a role of solar variations or cosmic rays are having on the current warming trend!

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