CopenDenier Monckton pretends he's a scientist. "Hitler Youth" call him on it.

Christopher Monckton is making quite a show of himself at the Copenhagen climate talks.

Last night we reported that Monckton publicly called a group from Sustain US a bunch of “Nazis” and “Hitler Youth.”

Now in a video today he’s shown droning on in great detail about the science of climate change (although he has absolutely no background in the area of climate change research) with the same young people he called Nazis the night before.

Monckton’s intolerance and gall is outrageous. But what still remains more outrageous is that some mainstream media continue to use him as a credible source at the climate talks.

I tell you, whoever has the time to follow Monckton around Copenhagen with a video camera is going to get a lot of great clips. And I’ll gladly promote them.

Here’s the video:


private video - not able to watch it unfortunately.

I’m sure it makes Monckton look dumb. There’s something admirable in how he keeps up the fight with this stuff. I would have quit long ago if I were him.

I heard Monckton debate Richard Littlemore on the Roy Green show here in canada. That is when i first started follwing him, he has an excelent grasp of the facts, is quick witted and a formidable debater. I Understand why Desmog would want to try and discredit him.

Since you can’t watch the video, listen to this.

an excellent grasp of the facts since he made up his own.

Geez, I mean if he can’t even recall his own facts when he needs them, what use would he be as a global warming/climate change denier?

Roy Green was pretending to be a neutral observer when talking to Monckton the other day. funny stuff. Monckton throwing insults at Richard Littlemore and Green supposedly taking the high road. Ha!

scruples, authentic background in science, published research, depths to which he will stoop in making a mockery of authentic climate science, trouble lying about his background, Noble prize as he claims, no trouble hitching his wagon to the petro-coal juggernaut. Oh, right, he has no real ‘Lordship’ either. sigh …

Probably has some pretty nice duds, however.

Is there a fund where I can contribute so someone will follow him and record everything he says at Copenhagen?

I love the part where he keeps refering to the group as the Hitler Youth and the one guy says to him: “I’m Jewish.” But Monckton just keeps going on.

There are two fundamental differences that Monckton and the ones who applaud him overlook:

1. Hitler Youth was 100% controlled by the Nazi government. SustainUS is an independent organisation.

2. The Nazi government had abolished democracy. The US have a healthy and well-functioning democracy.

The worst thing you can say about the SustainUS people is that they were being impolite. By labeling them ‘Hitler Youth’ and, taking it to the next level of hyperbole on the SPPI website, ‘SS wannabees’, Monckton shows he has no sense of proportion and that in reality opposing viewpoints scare the hell out of him. A viewpoint expressed by US citizen exercising their right to free speech.

My favourite moment is where Monckton refuses to shake the hand of Mr. Wessel. After all the noble skeptic words about seeking a ‘debate’, it is clear that this narcissistic skeptic is absolutely not interested in a dialogue.

Hitler Youth? That’s where I’ve seen Monckton before!! Fawlty Towers. He’s straight out of Monte Python.

“Don’t mention the War!”

Or, dare I say it, “Upper Class Twit of the Year”

It’s just the name of a skit…