Copenhagen Weathers a Splash of Denial

Alternativ Klimakonference closed to critics

No day can end badly when you begin by getting thrown out of a conference on climate change denial.

Even so, it was disappointing just to know that - on the eve of COP15 - Copenhagen is playing host to such an event and more disappointing yet to learn that there is a robust, if tiny rump of homegrown denial beyond even the famous (if famously discredited) Bjorn Lomborg.

The Alernative Climate Conference on Sunday Dec. 6, 2009 was booked into a small room in Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament building. In order to gain access, you had to have signed up days ago - and there was no press table, or any avenue of appeal, even for someone with UN press accreditation. Carefully checking off names at the door, it was clear that organizers had already identified their target audience.

The speakers list was also a well-known group. Usual suspects: Roger Pielke, the infamous former scientist Fred Singer, the failed politician and former journalist Christopher Monckton, and oil and gas company director Leighton Steward filled in as the out of town talent. Locals included the astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark, Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen, from the Technical University of Denmark, Bjarne Andresen of the University of Copenhagen and hometown boy Ole Humlum of the University of Oslo.

While the out of towners are all tainted by the loyal service that they have offered oil-backed U.S. think tanks, (and in Singer’s case, tobacco companies, CFC producers, asbestos miners, DDT manufacturers …), the locals don’t have obvious corporate relationships. And this conference was officially organized by backers who are political, rather than corporate. The sponsors were the group European Freedom and Democracy, and the Danish People’s Party Delegation to the European Parliament.

But contrarian climate opinions can earn a profit in Denmark even at arms length from the corporatocracy that dominates the North American conversation. Bjorne Lomborg, for example, was  enjoying government funding in the amount of 5 million Danish kroner (DKK) ($1 million U.S.) even before this year. And you don’t have to worry about him now. In these difficult economic times, Lomborgs funding for his institute of climate quibbling, the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, went UP by 2.5 million DKK.

Svensmark has also received a handsome tranche of additional funding for his efforts to study the effects of the sun (rather than carbon dioxide) on climate change, regardless that he wasn’t winning that funding in an arm’s length competition. The Danish government gave him 15 million DKK ($3 million US) a couple of years ago.

This is not to suggest that the Danish government is officially wrong-footed on climate policy. (No Canadian is in a position to criticize.) The Danish Minister responsible for COP 15, Connie Hedegaard, has earned a good deal of credibility, perhaps more than might be expected of someone from the right-of-center Conservative People’s Party. But Hedegaard’s efforts are in danger of being undermined by troublemakers in her own coalition. Historically, the former Finance Minister and current Parliamentary President Thor Pedersen of the Liberal Party, was widely seen as Bjorn Lomborg’s biggest fan in government. As President, Pedersen is by convention elevated above the political fray. But he nevertheless reinforced his reputation for contrarian activism today, attending part of the denier fest and calling news media afterwards to stand up for “freedom of expression,” regardless of how the opinions being expressed may offend the world’s best scientists.

Even more problematic lately has been today’s opening speaker, the young Member of the European Parliament, Morten Messerschmidt (inset), a member of the hard right-wing Danish National People’s Party and a former member of the Danish Parliament. (Some Danes joked that they had voted for him in the European elections purely in hopes of getting him out of the country.)

All this denier action, in the place that is currently being branded as Hopenhagen, raises two issues. First, it is an unpleasant demonstration of the degree to which the denial industry is no longer limited to its traditional home in North America. The investment in climate confusion which has been paying industry dividends in America, is bleeding across international borders and bears watching even more closely in the coming year.

The other issue arises from President Thor Pedersen’s precious freedom of expression. Because this is NOT an issue of free speech. It’s an issue of paid speech. It is, in too many cases, an issue of people like Christopher Monckton and Fred Singer speaking up not for the climate, the future or the science, but for the clients who pay their speaker fees and expenses - who fund Singer’s website and “think tank” and who fly Monckton in high style all over the world. These people aren’t standing up for democracy. They are standing up for oil company profits, regardless of the risk that presents to everyone else. You have to wonder if the Danes truly understand what kind of company they’re keeping.

Having been following Pielke, Singer and Monckton for years, I certainly have no doubt. And given the option of spending a whole day listening to their outrageously manipulative claptrap about climate science, I should probably send the organizers of today’s even a note of thanks for blocking my entry. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, full of history and culture and, this week, melting ice sculptures. It was a much more charming option than listening to Chris Monckton trying to argue that “the scare is over.”



To describe in this piece, the men you mention, who happen to know that AGW is a fraud, is tantamount to petulant name-calling. I suppose that is to be expected when one has no argument, no valid science and a more alert public flooding onto the Internet to learn the truth.

The evidence (Emails and code) that has been deciphered and released and world-wide is the nail in the coffin of this particular attempt at forming a global government. And thankfully, as it would have no doubt, stifled all economic development and lead to massive population reduction through starvation and worse.

If your role in this, Richard, is simply to protect the environment, then you have been duped by your ‘betters’. The environment is simply not the game anymore, nor is climate. This is all politics and your side has screwed up. If you are aware of what I am talking about then you are doing something very bad.


Hey JWest, you forgot the taxes. If we dont form a world government, there is no need for new taxes. You are a low tax guy, arent you? And the melting sea ice is fraud, too. And the borehole temperatures. I tell you something, JWest, Jesus is the biggest fraud. Absolutely no evidence for that guy. Pure belief. Like the crap you tell us. And the earth is flat, isnt it?

Actually it wasn’t Jesus who committed the fraud, it was his dad, Joseph the carpenter who did such a good job of convincing the world that he did not have sex with the Virgin Mary, that dorks like you are still talking about it 2000 years later. However there is plenty of evidence that Jesus existed. You may be trying in your inept way to say that there is no proof of an almighty creator. I have not seen proof of that either. You can stop trying to insult my religious beliefs because I have none.

I am aware that the world isn’t flat because there is plenty of evidence for that as well. The fact you think there are still people that don’t know the world is a globe means you aren’t paying attention or you spend too much time with people that are indeed that stupid.

I see no evidence of melting sea ice beyond normal fluctuations and on the bore holes, I have only the word of manipulative lying scientists on that item.

I am a low tax guy because high taxes lead to an impoverished nation. There is plenty of evidence for that and you must know it, or are you still chatting it up with those flat world people that you seem to know about.

AGW is a fraud and we have the evidence. Climate change is normal and we have nothing to do with it. There is a lot of evidence for that but your pals at the IPCC and NASA and you pal Fat Al and even Little Richard here at desmog are continuing to pull the wool over your eyes sir.

You probably think that taking down the most productive countries and impoverishing the west is a good idea, but you won’t like it if it happens. It’s not what you think. Your latte will cost more that you will want to pay.

Wold government (the true goal) will mean gradual enslavement of all people. There is evidence of that on a smaller scale. It was called the USSR and Cuba, North Korea and others.

I am simply for individual freedom, small government and self responsibility. What is wrong with that Mr. Von-Monckhausen? And why do you want to take that away from me?

Well, JWest, I was just fishing for the connection of North American right wing (Republican; Libertarian) and the view that AGW is not real. I speculated that your views on science are politically driven - and you proved me right. In fact, your views are entirely political. Was pretty obvious, though.

Now, get this: this low-tax, small government thing is really restricted to North America. It is an insular occurrence. Global warming and the discussion thereof are, well, global. So you cannot necessarily apply North American conditions only to this international issue. The U.S. occupies 2 percent of the earths surface. Dont know ho much Canada contributes to this figure.

Who is talking of a world government. Enslavement of all people. I hear this over and over again. But only from politico-alarmists. Is this Neo-Mccarthy-ism?

It’s best to put more money in the hands of politicians because they are SO efficient with it. They never lose a nickel. They never throw away money on stupid projects. They are our true saviors! I think I’m just going to sign over my bank account to the government. It’s the way to do the most good.

“I am a low tax guy because high taxes lead to an impoverished nation.”

Yes! See Sweden, for example! Expensive public health system. Expensive social system. All financed by taxes. High taxes. Really high taxes. The result: the well-known Swedish super-low standard of living. Thats why IKEA exists - furniture by the poor for the poor.

Now compare to the U.S.: private health system - lower taxes. 50-60 Mio people without health care. Dog eat dog. But you, JWest, obviously have a good life, because your money works only for you. And ironically, many low taxers are also well-organised in the Christian religion (as said, 40 percent of Republicans are Christian fundamentalists). While this selfishness is in contrast to Jesus samaritanship and leadership by example, the old testament is cited in support of everything that contradicts him “an eye for an eye”. But the OT is not Christianity at all, it predates it and is judaism.

Back to the Fjordish Ikeans. Caring for their people (like Jesus) - bloody socialists. Thats what sets the Swedes apart from animals!

I see Sweden has a comparably high personal tax rate but the corporate tax rate there is lower than the US or Canada.

Maybe thats the ticket - low corporate taxes!

Sweden is among those with the very highest levels of alcoholism and suicide. Ikea operates all over the world it is an international company that was having much of it’s stuff built in cheap labor areas like East Germany. They all leave eventually to avoid the heavy socialist tax hit. Volvo an Saab are pretty much out of business. The swedes don’t own what’s left of them anymore.

Add to that … they have let in so many Muslims that they have serious social problems just like France and Denmark and Holland. Sweden has has it’s run and it’s on the way down. The only thing that keep Scandinavia going is north sea oil and it’s international corporations such as Nokia.

But those businesses are only marginally supporting the Scandinavian countries. They will continue down. Like Iceland.

What those failing countries need is what you are peddling a global reparation tax to bail them all our at our expense. It is not going to happen. If you think destroying Western wealth is good for the planet … just wait and see the results if by some chance you should ever have your way.

And yet, I have worked hard all my life and I am now on the brink of a comfortable retirement with my own money not someone else’s.

I enjoy a good scotch and cigar everyday, but I will never be at the level of the elitist world saviors who have added thousands of tons of pollution to the atmosphere on their way to and from Copenhagen. Hypocrisy rules your chicken coop boy.

You realize where this anti religion stuff ends up right?

Obama may be churchy in a fake way now (using some religious expressions like Bush did but without any honest belief) but at some point, you anti religionists are going to have to stand up and say that since religion is the problem, it must be done away with. It’s not going away until you burn it to the ground.

and then you have the fight of your life.

You’ll have to arrest religious leaders and shut down their organizations and then you get the mob at your door. You get chaos and anger. You end up with camps and totalitarianism and you’ll believe you are doing it to save the world or something.

Thats where this is all going.

I’m just making it through the final pages of ‘Climate Cover Up’ Richard,and I very much appreciate your ongoing efforts, and those of James’ and others, to expose the massive and massively corrupt Denialist juggernaut.

To anyone who takes the time to consider authentic science versus fake, it’s readily apparent that we’ve been duped by not just by one or two frauds like Singer or Lomborg but by an entire ‘Faker Society’.

I think taking in the sites of Copenhagen is a viable alternative, and much more conducive to digestion, than listening to the likes of Lomborg et al. And probably a better use of your time.

- Michael Maser, Gibsons BC Canada

I’m sure the only reason this gang is holding this meeting is so they can issue pronouncements with a dateline of “Copenhagen”, which their followers will take to mean they are at COP15. More obfuscation from the usual sources of heat without light.