John Mashey: Crescendo Climategate Cacophony

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A new paper by the computer scientist and entrepreneur John Mashey, (attached) digs ever deeper (and in an increasingly well-organized way), into the morass of deception and disinformation that has characterized the recent climate conversation.

Mashey never uses the word “lies,” but somehow it seemed an appropriate illustration of what he finds underlying the recent campaign against climate science, scientists and anyone who respects their work.

This and Mashey’s previous paper point an unflinching finger at corporate front groups and free market think tanks that have worked so hard in the last two decades to spread confusion about climate science and to block public policy that would regulate the use of fossil fuels.

Mashey makes a compelling case that Congress has been misled in the process - which is an offense against the democracy that think tankers claim to love (in addition to being a felony).

For a visual reckoning of the kinds of think tanks involved, Mashey has populated a Google Map locating the major and minor players - although care should be taken to sort out those tanks that have the worst record in all of this - say, the George C. Marshall Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute and the Heartland Institute - from some that are just going along with the pack.

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Wow, the Fraser Institute is spreading like psoriasis. Time we found a cure.

Thanks, John.

I wonder if the Independent Institute in Oakland shares information with the Breakthrough Institute? BTI tries to stake out an independent position, but when push comes to shove they generally oppose serious policy action on climate.

Think tanks are mostly in Washington because they funnel money to politicians. If we had more specific evidence of this, maybe prosecutions could occur. Isn’t it supposed to be illegal to bribe members of Congress?


Very well done and I wish to thank you for the countless hours of your time that you gave up to shed light on the denial machine. You have done a great service.

Book and tour next?