Cue the Defections: Rep. Sensenbrenner First To Pull Out of Heartland Institute's Denial-a-Palooza Conference

Update May 7: Rep. Sensenbrenner says he will speak at Denial-a-Palooza after all because Heartland pulled its billboard, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Although not likely to be the last, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) became the first speaker to distance himself from Heartland Institute's outrageous billboard stunt today, telling the Washington Post that he will no longer attend Heartland's forthcoming denier conference in Chicago, a.k.a. Denial-a-Palooza.

Washington Post's Greg Sargent reports in his The Plum Line blog

GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, a leading climate “skeptic,” will be pulling out of an upcoming conference sponsored by the group where he was supposed to speak.

Rep. Sensenbrenner's spokesman did leave the door open for him to attend if Heartland pulls the campaign (it has), but it would be difficult for any politician - even the leading sponsor of the Patriot Act - to continue associating with Heartland's extremist behavior.
Stay tuned for other defections as the insanity of Heartland's stunt - and its failure to apologize even though it decided to discontinue the billboards after only 24 hours - reverberates around the world.

More important than seeing the invited speakers bail on Heartland, expect to see some more of the corporations, including the 19 public companies, who have recently funded this denial shop jump off its sinking ship in the coming days.


When people finally catch their breath at the incredible lapse of judgement this represents, they will start laughing.  And when people start to laugh, it's all over.  I hope Tom Harris has a hobby …

I came here expecting to see a FLOOD of anti-Heartland articles and there are only three of them. Only 3 articles??!??!!

You guys are going to have to do MUCH better than that or I’ll find some new place to troll.


Chill, Chas!   Not everybody has the Koch brothers plumping up their payroll.  DSB has been calling the Heartland to account for YEARS and has been in the front lines exposing their antics.

“I came here expecting to see a FLOOD of anti-Heartland articles and there are only three of them. Only 3 articles??!??!!”

I know, there should be more I agree. Remember when you and Lara used to say we will not be discussing Heartland in a few weeks? Its all blown over? Phew, glad it hadn’t.

Glad we are still talking about Heartland. Even after they board up the windows.


They have jumped the shark*.

Next they’ll perhaps explain the billboard was put up by a low-level junior temporary summer intern aide and removed as soon as senior staff became aware.

*see the waning days of Happy Days if you don’t know this metaphor. Thx to my son-in-law for explaining.

Heartland Jumps The Shark!

When you think about that with Michael Mann’s Ted Talk, and the fact that attacking scientists tacitly implies they haven’t got any facts (science) on their side.

The Republican’s had driven the issue to the point that they party is becoming utterly antiscience.

Actually… if you look in wayback you’ll notice that Heartland also used to believe that Michael Crichton was right and that Eco Ninja’s were driving the whole ‘movement’.  Yup… Michael Mann in a Ninja suit!  heeeeya!  (Hmmm…  if that were the case, Bast would be dead.   *sigh*)

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