Czech Government Topples, Leaving Global Warming Denier President Vaclav Klaus Stranded

The Czech Republic’s three-party coalition government toppled today after losing a parliamentary “no confidence” vote.  That leaves Czech President Vaclav Klaus - global warming denier extraordinaire - with the responsibility of forming a new government post-haste as the economic crisis continues to pummel his people.  If three attempts to form a government fail, Klaus must call for early elections to let the people decide.

The Czech Republic is likely to hold onto the EU’s rotating presidency until June as expected, although with its embarassing status as “resigned government” back home. 

Klaus was the keynote speaker at this year’s Heartland Institute-sponsored “International Conference on Climate Change” in New York (he spoke at last year’s Heartland fest too).  Klaus said in 2007 that “Global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so.”

Serious people in the Czech Republic just let President Klaus know what they think of his leadership skills.


Since the Czech Republic is a parliamentray democracy, with President Klaus as its head of state, it is not up to Klaus to form a new governmant, but rather to ask Parliament’s constituent parties to form a new coalition government, if they can.