David Bellamy

David Bellamy


  • Honorary Dr. of Science, Bournemouth University (1999). [1]
  • BSc., PhD., OBE, Hon: DSc., DUniv., FLS, FIBiol. [2]


David J. Bellamy OBE (born 1933) is an English professor, botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner. In recent years he has taken up the cause of denying global warming, and he has expressed public opposition to wind farms.

His 2004 article in the Daily Mail, which lambasted mainstream positions on climate change, prompted environmental writer Mark Lynas to ask “Has David Bellamy gone mad?[3]

A typographical error in a recent letter he published in the New Scientist (April 16th, 2005) suggested a large percentage (555 of 625) of the world's glaciers were advancing, not retreating. George Monbiot investigated and found the claim to be untrue and misleading. [4]

On May 25, 2005, The Times reported that: “Last week Plantlife International, Britain’s leading charity dedicated to the conservation of wild plants, wrote to Bellamy to say that his term of office would end in the autumn and he would not be asked to renew it.”

Bellamy was a past president of Wildlife Trusts which has 562,000 members and manages 2,500 nature reserves, but may have lost his position because of his skeptical views on climate change. [5]

Although Bellamy campaigns against the construction of wind farms in undeveloped areas, he was once enthusiastic about wind power in the educational video Power from the Wind, which was produced by Britain's Central Electricity Generating Board.

Stance on Climate Change

In the preface to the 1989 book, The Greenhouse Effect, Bellamy stated that

“The profligate demands of humankind are causing far reaching changes to the atmosphere of planet Earth, of this there is no doubt. Earth's temperature is showing an upward swing, the so-called greenhouse effect, now a subject of international concern. The greenhouse effect may melt the glaciers and ice caps of the world causing the sea to rise and flood many of our great cities and much of our best farmland.”

Bellamy has since stated that

“Global warming is a largely natural phenomenon. The world is wasting stupendous amounts of money on trying to fix something that can't be fixed.” [5]

Key Quotes

“I don’t like being called a denier because deniers don’t believe in facts. There are no facts linking the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide with imminent catastrophic global warming there are only predictions based on complex computer models.” [6]

“…it should be pointed out that glaciers in many other parts of the world are not shrinking but in fact are growing…indeed, if you take all the evidence that is rarely mentioned by the Kyotoists into consideration, 555 of all the 625 glaciers under observation have been growing since 1980.” [7]

Key Deeds

March 30, 2009

Bellamy's signature is displayed alongside a full-page ad funded by the CATO institute that appeared in numerous newspapers including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune in 2009.

The advertisement criticizes President Obama's declaration that “few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change,” claiming that “with all due respect Mr. President, that is not true.”

The ad claims “there has been no net global warming for over a decade,” and that the dangers associated with global warming are “grossly overstated.” [8]

March, 2008

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's 2008 International Conference on Climate Change.

February 5,  2007

Featured speaker at the press conference for the Fraser Institute 2007 Independent Summary for Policymakers. [9]

May 29, 2005

In a letter published in the New Scientist, April 2005, Bellamy had claimed that a large percentage of the world’s glaciers were advancing (555 of 625), not retreating. On May 29, 2005, Bellamy wrote a letter to the Sunday Times, that his figures were wrong and that he had “decided to draw back from the debate on global warming.”

Bellamy debated the issue with George Monbiot on Channel 4 News:

January 27, 2005

Spoke at a conference organized by the Scientific Alliance titled “Apocalypse No: Assessing Catastrophic Climate Change.” [10]


Past President of:

  • Wildlife Trusts partnership (past president)
  • Population Concern
  • Plantlife
  • Coral Cay Conservation
  • National Association for Environmental Education
  • British Naturalists Association
  • Galapagos Conservation Trust
  • British Institute of Cleaning Science

Vice President:

  • British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
  • Fauna and Flora International
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • Trustee of the Living Landscape Trust
  • President, Conservation Foundation (UK)
  • Council, Zoological Society of London

Source: [14]


According to a search of Google Scholar, David Bellamy has published only one article in a journal on the subject of climate change.

His article was titled “Carbon is the World's Best Friend,” and was published in the Energy & Environment, a journal edited by climate change skeptic Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen and which has been criticized for its peer-review process. 

Bellamy has published articles skeptical of climate change in numerous newspapers, and some in journals that don't normally cover climate change (such of Civil Engineering).

Samples include:


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