DeSmog hanging with Chris Mooney

Here's a photo from a recent visit we had with Republican War on Science author Chris Mooney. Chris was in town to attend a panel discussion on global warming and the state of the media that was co-sponsored by DeSmog and the UBC School of Journalism.

Chris is back in Washington, DC now, putting the final touches on his new book, Storm World: hurricanes, politics and the battle over global warming.


I read RWOS last fall and found it accurately described what is going on in the US and elsewhere to try and destroy the credibility of reputable science and scientists.

I just wish that he had included what is going on in the GMO field. The PR tricks and distortions are just as prevalent in that area.

I know that in the case of GMO’s it was not just the Republicans who were causing the problems since Clinton was a great fan of genetic engineering. Unfortunately, he got hold of the wrong end of the stick.