DeSmog TV interviews George W Bush on global warming

It seems we have enough fans in the White House to land an exclusive DeSmog TV interview with the US Commander-in-Chief George W. himself!

Check it out. And while you're at, take a look at past DeSmog TV episodes on our YouTube Channel.


I am so loving Emily Murgatroyd and DeSmog Blog TV. This wry and clever component of the DeSmog Blog site perfectly balances the enormity of global warming. This site and Emily are uniquely Canadian and demonstrates the resilience of Canadian culture. Keep it up!

Hi, you’re doing great work here at DeSmogBlog. Only, as a European I find it strange that there is still a need for a ‘debate’ in the U.S. (we thought America was the place of the bright and the Enligthened people). In Europe, the ‘debate’ on global warming ended in 1990.

So keep up the good work to make it end in the U.S. too. We need you guys on board to tackle climate change.

Cheers from Belgium, Jonas

Thanks for your supportive comments. The US is a large part of our focus at the DeSmogBlog, (see our ‘Support Operation Desmog USA” initiative on the right hand side of the site.) and we fully recognize the importance of getting them on the right side of the issue. Keep giving us your feedback - much appreciated.

The reason the the global warming debate goes on in the US is partly explained in the July 20, 2007 article in the Miami Herald, link below. Although the article content itself deals with a problem with satellites used for hurricane monitoring the strategy that NOAA NWS management has used to downplay problems with QuikScat and global warming is being exposed in the “Recent comments” to the article.

Hurricane center report likely dooms Proenza
Posted on Fri, Jul. 20, 2007

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Will Ferrel is a top-notch comedian. But I’ve always felt there was something missing – something to give his material a just a little nudge, to push it right over the top into pure comedy gold.

I could never figure out what was lacking. Sure, Will Ferrel makes people laugh. In fact, he’s hilarious. But, somehow, he just didn’t quite have what it takes to distinguish himself. What is it that the best writers of Saturday Night Live and Hollywood couldn’t provide to give him that little extra pizzaz.

Now we know. It all seems so obvious. This video is just the right medicine. As this brilliant video proves, all that was needed was to have some smirking fake questions clumsily edited-in, written by what seems to be borderline retarded 8-year-olds, and shot with a cheap camera-phone. Simple, yet INGENIOUS! Take that, you professional comedy writers.

“This site and Emily are uniquely Canadian and demonstrates the resilience of Canadian culture. Keep it up!”

Indeed. If, by “uniquely Canadian”, you mean “derivative, pedantic, smug, way-behind the curve, and completely un-funny.” Another glass of Chardonnay for you, Jeffery?