DeSmogBlog welcomes Chris Mooney!

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The DeSmogBlog is very happy to announce that science-writer Chris Mooney, author of the best-seller, The Republic War on Science, has joined our team and will be writing a weekly column here on the DeSmogBlog.

Here's Chris's impressive bio for those not familiar with his work. His latest book, Storm World; Hurricanes, Politics and the Battle Over Global Warming is hot of the presses and sure to redefine the public conversation over this and all future hurricane seasons.

We at the DeSmogBlog have been Chris Mooney fans for a long time. Our first podcast was an interview with Chris at the Environmental Wars conference organized in May 2006 by the Skeptics Society.

More recently, Chris was our guest at Vancouver, B.C. symposium on the media's role in the debate over climate change.

Chris's first piece will be up later today and will critique the hurricane section of Bjorn Lomborg's new book Cool It .

Watch for Chris weekly on the DeSmogBlog.

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