DeSmogger "Caught" in Climategate Emails

The heretofore anonymous blogger Tom Nelson REVEALED today that even the DeSmogBlog has been caught in the talons of the DenierMobsters who are responsible for stealing the Climategate emails (two years ago) and retreading the bumptious “scandal” this year.

The (partial) quote now making the rounds (see also Mark Morano's fantasymill at Climate Depot), is from an email I sent to Michael Mann in 2007. It goes like this:

I'm a DeSmogBlog writer [Richard LIttlemore] (I got your email from Kevin Grandia) and I am trying to fend off the latest announcement that global warming has not actually occurred in the 20th century.

It looks to me like Gerd Burger is trying to deny climate change by “smoothing,” “correcting” or otherwise rounding off the temperatures that we know for a flat fact have been recorded since the 1970s, but I am out of my depth (as I am sure you have noticed: we're all about PR here, not much about science) so I wonder if you guys have done anything or are going to do anything with Burger's intervention in Science.

I'd like to confirm that this quote is accurate - that Gerd Burger WAS playing fast and loose with his analysis, that I am NOT a scientist and that, accordingly, I check my facts with people who are reputable, knowledgeable and widely respected in the scientific community (thank you Mike).

I'd also like to say that getting so fleeting a mention in the Climategate emails ranks down there with the deepest-discount cheap thrills. I cherish the moment … seriously. (Okay, not.)


The NAS - National Association of Scholars - seems to have taken a side in this whole climategate thing. 

I’m not sure if desmog has commented on the NAS but they don’t seem to be a typical right wing think tank.

edit: okay I guess NAS is old news around here - my point is that they don’t seem to be all about climate. It doesn’t seem to be their reason for existence so that makes their stance on it more interesting than if they were just set up as another climate blog.

to see how these alarmist echo chambers function isn’t it. After you examine a few of the climate gate e-mails you soon realize that there isn’t much science going on at all. PR is really the prime concern, after all the science can be cooked up any way the PR requires. I have never seen a field of scientific endeavor with such an insetuous relationship with journalism, but I am not surprised.

On the plus side with a few people like myself penetrating these echo chambers with facts, a few of the flock figure out what is going on. In any event good article.

“On the plus side with a few people like myself penetrating these echo chambers with facts”

Finally! I was thinking you were never going to get around to it…………………when were you planning to start?


as a somewhat late response…

Dear Richard Littlemore,

apparently you have now found a point of view with regards to the article in question.

I should let you know, however, that the article was not about ‘smoothing’ or ‘rounding off temperatures’, not even about global warming not having occurred.

If you are content with your view that I was playing fast and loose, that’s fine with me. Otherwise, just let me know and I may help you find a better understanding.

Gerd Bürger