DeSmog's extensive (and growing) global warming video resource

Have you checked out DeSmogBlog TV yet? It’s our newest feature and with it we can gather hundreds of the best videos on global warming we (and hopefully you) can find.

To check out our collection you simply click on the “DeSmog Video” icon in the top left hand of our navigation column.

It looks like this:

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The way we’ve organized this we can literally have hundreds of videos that are easy to find by category. Just click on one of the top level categories and then hover your mouse over the video icons on the bottom until you see one you want to watch.


And please send us any Youtube videos you think we should add. Some of the categories that need a lot more video are “leaders” “coal” and “solutions.” We know there’s a lot of videos on Youtube that fit these categories, so please leave your suggestions in the comment section or email me at: [email protected]


I’m self-recommending the video segment I snipped and annotated, from Tom Harris’s speech last year, about “information sharing” and “coordinated local activism”. :-)

And I’m also recommending Tony Jones’s interview of Martin Durkin:, (No, these aren’t my videos…)

– bi