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New Hope Environmental Services (NHES)


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World Climate Report

World Climate Report (WCR)


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Chip Knappenberger

Chip Knappenberger

Chip Knappenberger


  • M.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1990). [1]
  • B.A. degree, Environmental Science, University of Virginia (1986). [1]


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Climate skeptic Pat Michaels refuses court request to disclose funding sources

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Huge kudos to Kert Davies and Greenpeace for their effort in this latest astounding blow to the climate denial industry.  

Court documents (attached at the bottom of this post) have surfaced claiming that longtime climate denier Pat Michaels has withdrawn as an expert witness from a Vermont court case after a request was submitted that he reveal his funding sources. 

In the documents, Michaels states that he was dependent for his livelihood on the income he got through his wholly owned firm, New Hope Environmental Services, Inc.

“Many of New Hope's clients provide funding to New Hope with the understanding that the funding will be confidential,” Michaels and his lawyers said in one document.

Hat tip to the SEJ Tip Sheet and Robert McClure at the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
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