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Michael Shellenberger

Michael Shellenberger


  • Master's Degree in Anthropology from University of California, Santa Cruz. [1]
  • Graduated from the Peace and Global Studies (PAGS) program at Earlham College in 1993. [2]


Read time: 50 mins

For Decades, the Oil and Gas Industry Got Taxpayer Help from the Fracking Production Tax Credit

Read time: 6 mins
Stacked drilling rigs in the Permian Basin in spring 2020

Before the U.S. fracking boom took off, shale drillers had access for over two decades to a particular tax incentive that experts say played a key role in setting the stage for the so-called shale revolution.

Known as the Section 29 Unconventional Fuels Production Tax Credit, this subsidy resulted in more than tripling the production of unconventional gas, at a cost of at least $10 billion to taxpayers, from 1980 to 2002.

Everyone Warned the Breakthrough Ecomodernists To Avoid Toxic Owen Paterson – But They Said ‘[email protected]*%You'

Read time: 4 mins

A group calling themselves the ‘ecomodernists’ were warned not to make their British debut alongside prominent UK climate denier Owen Paterson.

But the American-based Breakthrough Institute think tank behind the group dismissed this advice with a swift “[email protected]*% you”.

Breakthrough launched their Ecomodernism manifesto in London on the morning of September 24, arguing that through science, technology and development, human impacts on the natural world can be decoupled from economic activity.

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