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Climate denier blog site to be crowned "Best Science Blog"

There once was a little known website fighting the so-called “global warming alarmism” being spread by that underground cabel of conspirators some of us call “scientists.” But the site was no longer little after the Matt Drudge, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity right wing echo machine got through with it.

Since it’s anointment, the Watt’s Up With That blog run by former TV weatherman Anthony Watts has become quite the sensation amongst the climate denial blog comment trolls. And now it seems that the site is about to win the award for “Best Science Blog” in this year’s Weblog Awards.

Has it seriously come to this? Are there really no blogs out there more worthy than one that spends its days trumpeting the likes of Junk Science as a reason we should ignore the dire warnings of climate scientists at the top science academies in the world?

There are lots of great science sites out there and there are some really good ones nominated along with Watt’s Up With That. I would like to think that this is simply a case of voter apathy. After all, these types of Web Awards always come down to who can pull the most votes.

So I’m putting this appeal out there.

Take a few minutes today - the polls close at 5pm EST today, January 13th - and cast your vote by clicking here.

Here’s some others that are in the running: The controversial crusader against Intelligent Design, PZ Myers is running a close second to Watts, so the strategic vote would obviously go to PZ. Also check out Real Climate run by practicing scientists at NASA.

Alberta Oil Sands Pioneer Says Environmental Problems Must be a Priority

Former Imperial Oil scientist, Clement Bowman is one of the chemical engineers who helped unlock the commercial potential of Canada's oil sands and he's now saying that the Canadian government must urgently take the necessary steps to clean up the huge environmental impacts of the oil sands projects.

Unless they're solved, a number of us feel the oil sands have almost hit a wall,” says Brown.

Canadian Blog Awards - final round of voting

Thanks so much to all of you who voted for DeSmogBlog in the first round of voting.

A special thanks to all of our international fans who voted as well, your votes count just the same.  

The finalists have been named and a second and final round is now underway.

If you would like to vote for DeSmogBlog, here are the categories:

Best Group Blog

Best Blogosphere Citizen 

Cast your vote right away and please send this along to your friends and family.

Thanks again!!

How to Get Rich By Scamming the Climate

A cartoon in The New York Times brilliantly captured the mentality behind the latest green trend. It showed a man kneeling at the confessional praying, “Forgive me, but I have SUV'd.”

The minister takes the proffered bag of money and replies:

Go thy way, thy sins are offset. You too can be forgiven of your carbon emitting sins and achieve the exalted status of being 'carbon neutral' without trading in your SUV or cancelling that overseas vacation.”

Canadian Blog Awards - Round 1

It's time again for the Canadian Blog Awards, and DeSmogBlog has been nominated in three categories. Voting for the first round ends Monday, January 21st, so if you haven't got your votes in yet, please do so.

And if you just so happened to want to vote for DeSmogBlog, here's the links to the categories we've been nominated in:

Best Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Blogosphere Citizen

Wouldn't hurt to email this to friends and family as well.

Alberta Premier's "Mythical" Tar Sands Tour Attacked By Polar Bear - and a few facts

Stelmach in DC

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach was in Washington, DC today hyping his province's vast reserves of oil-soaked tar sand. Not everyone was applauding Stelmach, and rightly so.

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