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Joseph (Joe) D'Aleo


  • BS, MS, University of Wisconsin. [1]
  • Attended Doctoral program at NYU

Note: While some sources mention that Joe D'Aleo attended studies at NYU, it is unclear if he graduated.


Joseph D'Aleo is a former college professor of Meteorology at Lyndon State College.

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Politico Pimps the Global Warming Skeptics

Read time: 4 mins

For at least a year before the 2008 U.S. election, legions of political geeks were glued to a number of websites, from to The latter provided more or less excellent coverage, including the all-important electoral map.

But when it comes to the credibility of policy discussions, it looks like they've shot themselves in the foot. Via their “reporter” Erika Lovley, they are actively pushing the climate change skeptics' agenda.

I'll just give a big hat tip to Brad Johnson at Think Progress, because he sums it all up in one paragraph:

Erika Lovley, the Politico’s energy and environment reporter, today wrote a full-page article on the dying breed of global warming deniers that promotes their brand of toxic stupidity

Global warming deniers aim to hold New Hamsphire back

Read time: 2 mins

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has struck a climate change task force to craft an action plan with the goal of finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are good for the state's economy.

Great news for New Hampshire, the solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions are the same ones that reduce America's dependence of foreign oil and make the necessary shifts in the economy to make the country a world leader in the development of sustainable energy technology. Any State that gets out ahead on this issue will reap the rewards of new green jobs and less money going out of the country to oil producing nations.

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