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Evaluation shows "Faked" Heartland Climate Strategy Memo is Authentic

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A line-by-line evaluation of the Climate Strategy memo, which the Heartland Institute has repeatedly denounced as a “fake” shows no “obvious and gross misstatements of fact,” as Heartland has alleged. On the contrary, the Climate Strategy document is corroborated by Heartland’s own material and/or by its allies and employees.

It also uses phrases, language and, in many cases, whole sentences that were taken directly from Heartland’s own material. Only someone who had previous access to all of that material could have prepared the Climate Strategy in its current form.

In all the circumstances – taking into account Peter Gleick’s explanation of the origin of the Heartland documents, and in direct contradiction of Heartland’s stated position – DeSmogBlog has concluded that the Climate Strategy memo is authentic. 

Tom Segalstad

Tom Victor Segalstad


  • Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, University of Oslo. [1]


Tom Segalstad is an associate professor of Resource and Environmental Geology at the University of Oslo and head of the University’s Geological Museum. [2]

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Brian G. Valentine

Brian G. Valentine

Brian G. Valentine


  • Ph.D., Engineering Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • B.S., Chemistry and Physics, Siena College.

Source: [1]

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DeSmogBlog's Brendan DeMelle on Ed Schultz Show and Ring of Fire Radio Discussing Denial-a-Palooza

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DeSmogBlog executive director Brendan DeMelle appeared on the Ed Schultz radio show earlier this week to discuss the Heartland Institute’s sixth International Conference on Climate Change - a.k.a. Denial-a-Palooza - and other aspects of the climate change denial machine.  DeMelle was interviewed by guest host Mike Papantonio, who is co-host of Ring of Fire radio, which also ran the interview on its Saturday July 2 edition.

Listen to the Ring of Fire version of the interview below:

McIntyre Disappoints Denier Conference; doesn't call for jailing of scientists

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Mining Executive and blogger Steve McIntyre, the darling of so many climate change deniers, surely disapointed the assembled ICCC crowd in Chicago with his dry and relatively reasonable keynote address.  The applause after McIntyre’s keynote address was significantly less than when he started because he didn’t call for Michael Mann and Phil Jones to go to jail.

Astronaut Harrison Schmidt (why is a former astronaut speaking at a climate conference?), who followed McIntyre, helped to steer the crowd back to the witch-hunt it was promised by conference organizers. Mark Sheppard, writing in the American Thinker, gave this account of Schmidt’s remark after McIntyre finished:

This is science, [Schmidt] retorted to a now cheering crowd, and if you want to play that game (tricks, non-disclosure, etc) then you can go somewhere else.  To which more than a few in attendance added:  “To Jail!”

I can think of no better analogy than the hilarious logic used by Monty Python’s King Arthur to impress an even more idiotic group of villagers, and magnificently prove that ‘she’s a witch!’.

Denial-a-palooza Round 4: 'International Conference on Climate Change' Groups Funded by Exxon, Koch Industries

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In what has become an annual non-event, the Heartland Institute will gather the who’s-who of the global warming denial network together in Chicago this weekend for the fourth International Conference on Climate Change

As in years past, the event is expected to receive very little mainstream media coverage.  The deniers like to think the reason is some liberal media conspiracy.  In reality, the lack of interest stems chiefly from the fact that this denial-a-palooza fest is dripping with oil money and represents a blatant industry effort to greenwash oil and coal while simultaneously attacking the credibility of climate scientists.

Despite the lack of press interest, the show must go on.  After all, the Chicago meet-up will provide deniers and industry front groups a chance to coordinate their ongoing efforts to smear the reputation of the IPCC, and they can reminisce about the Climategate non-scandal like boys in the schoolyard kicking around a rusty old can.

For insight into the underlying aim of the Chicago denier conference, let us take a look at the funding sources for the sponsoring organizations.

The Heartland Institute and the Academy of Tobacco Studies

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Long before the Heartland Institute was in the business of organizing events like the “International Climate Change Conference”  they were hard at work trying to minimize the negative public perception that second-hand tobacco smoke was bad for your health.

With that kind of past how could the media take the Heartland Institute and their upcoming climate conference seriously? Heartland could have easily played the role of the “Academy of Tobacco Studies” in the movie Thank you for Smoking.

How could anyone take seriously a group that took money from tobacco companies and downplayed the harmful effects of tobacco and then moved on to take money from oil companies and said global warming is all a big hoax?

A three year old could figure this one out.

Research on the "sponsors" behind the Heartland's New York Climate Change Conference

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Like last year, the Heartland Institute is making it clear that no Big Oil companies are behind this year’s “International Conference on Climate Change” being held in New York in a couple of weeks.

The Heartland states on their website that:”The Heartland Institute, a 25-year-old national nonpartisan think-tank based in Chicago, said all of the event’s expenses will be covered by admission fees and individual and foundation donors to Heartland. No corporate dollars or sponsorships earmarked for the event were solicited or accepted.”


Of course, the whole thing becomes a little more gray when you look into the listed “co-sponsors” of the Heartland’s event, or should I say a little slick.

We’ve researched the funding history of all the organizations that the Heartland Institute has listed as co-sponsors for their 2009 International Conference on Climate Change and have found that over the years these groups have received in excess of $47 million from oil companies and right-wing foundations.

Interesting enough, the vast majority of the funding (76%) is not from who most would expect, but from a much quieter organization called the Scaife Family of Foundations. According the Media Transparency project, the Scaife Family of Foundations is, “financed by the Mellon industrial, oil and banking fortune. At one time its largest single holding was stock in the Gulf Oil Corporation. [Scaife] Became active in funding conservative causes in 1973, when Richard Mellon Scaife became chairman of the foundation.”

Here’s the permanent page we built with all the research on DeSmogBlog: Heartland Institute’s 2009 Climate Conference in New York: funding history of the sponsors

And here’s a PDF version you can download: Heartland Institute’s 2009 Climate Conference in New York: funding history of the sponsors

Here’s the breakdown:

ExxonMobil (1998-2006):                $6,199,000
Koch Foundations (1986-2006):      $4,438,920
Scaife Foundations (1985-2006):   $36,868,640

Grand Total:                               $47,506,560 

[By the way, DeSmogBlog will be at the Heartland event again this year]

Heartland Institute's 2009 Climate Conference in New York: funding history of the sponsors

Our research into the listed “sponsors” for the Heartland Institute’s upcoming “International Conference on Climate Change” finds that these organizations have received over $47 million from energy companies and right-wing foundations, with 78% of that total coming from the Scaife Family of foundations. 

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John Charles


John A. Charles Jr.


  • M.P.A. (Master's in public administration), Portland State University (1990).
  • B.A., University of Pittsburgh (1976).

Source: [1]

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