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Marc Morano: Global Warming Spin Doctor flogged as "Perfect Counter Guest Debater"

Marc Morano, former Republican spindoctor turned think tanker, is now touting himself as the “counter guest debater to Al Gore and Global Warming Climate change disinformation.”

Morano and his new employer the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) are flooding the inboxes of journalists and reporters today selling Marc Morano as a “global warming expert.” Claiming Morano as an “expert” in climate change is completely laughable and I think mainstream media will agree.

The only thing Marc Morano is “expert” in is spinning stories for this former Republican boss Senator James Inhofe (R-OK).

Here’s a copy of the email sent around today to news media outlets:

Here’s your counter guest debater to Al Gore and Global Warming Climate change disinformation plus

Here’s your counter guest debater to Al Gore and Global Warming Climate change disinformation plus how Obama’s Policies are affecting our economy.

For your on-air expert contributor talent files: Credentialed “Counter Guest” to popular global warming ideology: Here’s your anti-Gore Global Warming Expert who offers the science to counteract partisan and ideologically driven Environmental entities and issues.

If you believe most, or all, of the global warming dogma, you may use Marc as your “counter guest” to offer a lively, fair and balanced discussion to your audience.  If you are a skeptic of the current doctrine, Marc can aid your program by clearing up the deception with the facts.

Marc Morano infuses the environmental debate with a balanced and truthful scientific perspective.  Marc’s agenda is to revolutionize Climate and Environmental news dissemination to portray the accurate truth.

Marc says: “Much of what the media reports is simply a regurgitation of the rhetoric from partisan and ideologically driven environmental groups, foundations and the United Nations, which are spinning data to promote a cause.  Sadly, many of today’s mainstream climate reporters would be better suited writing newsletters for Al Gore than attempting to inform the public about the latest climate science developments”

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