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Climate Cover Up Wins Book of the Year!

Climate Cover Up, the book written by DeSmogBlog co-founder James Hoggan along with Richard Littlemore has been named Non-Fiction Book of the Year by the Green Book Festival.

The award honors books that, “… contribute to greater understanding, respect for and positive action on the changing worldwide environment.”

It’s always great to get recognition for all the hard work we do here at DeSmog, but none of it is possible without all the support from our thousands of supporters from around the world.

Free first chapter of Climate Cover Up

DeSmog’s book Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming continues to sell very well, but I thought for those of you who have not bought a copy yet that I would give you the first chapter to download free as a teaser.

For those of you who have read the book and have already passed on your copy to someone else, pass this post on to your friends and family to help spread the word.

You can download it here: Climate Cover Up: the crusade the deny global warming - Chapter 1 [pdf].

Thanks and enjoy!

Climate Cover Up still Rocking the Charts on Amazon

It seems so long ago that Climate Cover Up was released, but it has only been 4 months. It is still topping the chart on Amazon in both Canada and the United States.

The sales rankings change hourly, but I just took a look and saw that on Amazon Canada, Climate Cover Up is still the top selling public policy book:

Time Magazine and George Monbiot Cite Climate Cover Up

I would say it’s been a good day for publicity for Jim and Richard’s new book Climate Cover Up.

First, there are two new pieces out today from Guardian columnist George Monbiot and in both he cites Climate Cover Up. In one he calls Climate Cover Up:

“… the fascinating, funny and beautifully written new book by James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore.”

We’re flattered George.

The other big piece of publicity comes from Time Magazine, where a story citing Climate Cover Up is currently front and center on the homepage.

Climate Cover Up Book Salon on Fire Dog Lake

Just finished a great two-hour book salon conversation over on one of the best blogs around, Fire Dog Lake.

Jane Hamsher, who runs FDL, is a big fan of DeSmogBlog on our new book Climate Cover Up and she was kind enough to host the event along with FDL administrator Bev W and salon host Tim Lambert from Deltoid blog.

You can check out the conversation here, and add your own comments and thoughts if you would like.

Thanks to Jane, Tim and Bev for hosting such an interesting conversation!

Climate Cover Up Top Selling Media Studies Book in America

I know, I know, I’ve been writing a lot about DeSmog’s new book Climate Cover Up. But I just can’t help myself when I see all these great stats rolling in. I just have to share them with our loyal readers. has Climate Cover Up listed as the best selling book in Media Studies today, beating out amazing books like Manufacturing Consent and Barbara Walter’s The Audition.

Check it out, here’s the screenshot:

Climate Cover Up Goes Ivy League

Looks like DeSmogBlog’s new book Climate Cover Up is getting an Ivy League audience next week.

Author and DeSmog co-founder Jim Hoggan, will be speaking next week at Yale and Princeton Universities about the book and the efforts by industry to deny the realities of climate change science.

He will also be doing an event in Manhattan on the Monday night at the very cool McNally Jackson bookstore. Jim will be presenting alongside well-known author and NYU professor of media studies, Mark Crispin Miller.

I’ve also heard that other very special guests may be dropping by, so if you’re in the area, here’s the details:

Date: Monday, Nov. 30

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Location: 52 Prince Street (btw. Lafayette & Mulberry)

Climate Cover Up kicking denier books all over Amazon

Jim Hoggan and Richard Littelmore’s new book Climate Cover Up is putting the climate deniers’ books to shame in the rankings on this week.

In the broad category of Environment, Climate Cover Up is sitting at #22 with only Christopher Booker’s The Real Global Warming Disaster in the way of us taking the lead over all climate denier, anti-environmentalist screeds in the category.

We’re out there promoting Climate Cover Up hard, but we need your help! Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much.

Here’s a few things you can do:

1. TWEET IT: Post a link on your Twitter account, urge people to buy a copy as a must read. Send something like: Climate Cover Up is a must-read book, even Leonardo DiCaprio thinks so!

2.CHRISTMAS GIFT FORSKEPTICALFRIENDS: What better than Climate Cover Up for your “skeptical” friends, family and work colleagues!

3. FACEBOOK: Write a status update or message your Facebook friends about Climate Cover Up.

Climate Cover Up: the book with online buzz sells out on

We’ve been getting a lot of emails letting us know that Climate Cover Up has sold out on Thanks for letting us know, and we’ve been told that more are on their way as we speak.

Selling out is one of those good problems, and given the amount of online and traditional media the book has received since we launched, it looks like Amazon better stock up!

Here’s the monster list of Climate Cover Up mentions, we’ve had more than 200 separate posts over the last 6 weeks:

[PS: for those of you yet to review Climate Cover Up, let me know when you do and I will put it out on a few of our “monster” Twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon accounts]

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Monbiot calls Climate Cover Up "Brilliant"

Very nice kudos for our new book Climate Cover Up, from the highly respected Guardian columnist and author, George Monbiot today.

In his column today on the Climate Research Unit hacked email story Monbiot writes:

“The greatest tragedy here is that despite many years of outright fabrication, fraud and deceit on the part of the climate change denial industry, documented in James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore’s brilliant new book Climate Cover-up…” [my emphasis]

Thanks George!


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