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The Inside Scoop on the "Climate War"

The first question I had for author Eric Pooley after I finished reading his new book, The Climate War, was whether he had set up hidden cameras all over Washington, DC.

He didn’t of course, but the insider information he weaves into his story about the ongoing battle for effective climate policy both in the United States and internationally will make even the insiders feel inadequate.

The Climate War puts you at the power-broker’s table, with much of the book following two main characters who have been at the center of the debate and the controversy around climate policy for more than a decade - Fred Krupp, Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund and Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy.

Both Krupp and Rogers are polarizing figures within the climate advocacy community, with Krupp being accused of “selling out” to the big corporate machine and willing to accept inadequate policy fixes and Rogers being accused of greenwashing the company he heads which is one of the largest electrical generation companies in the United States.

Krupp and Rogers act as the central characters and around them Pooley wraps the history of how we have gotten to where we are today on the issue of climate change, ending with the failure to come to an international climate treaty in Copenhagen, Denmark in late December, 2009.

We learn more about the “deniers” and the corporate flaks that back them, like Myron Ebell at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who toasted a crowd with Fiji Water because,

“It comes to you direct from Fiji, so it’s very energy inefficient: the only thing that could improve it would be to carbonate it.

Climate Cover Up still Rocking the Charts on Amazon

It seems so long ago that Climate Cover Up was released, but it has only been 4 months. It is still topping the chart on Amazon in both Canada and the United States.

The sales rankings change hourly, but I just took a look and saw that on Amazon Canada, Climate Cover Up is still the top selling public policy book:

Climate Cover Up: the book with online buzz sells out on

We’ve been getting a lot of emails letting us know that Climate Cover Up has sold out on Thanks for letting us know, and we’ve been told that more are on their way as we speak.

Selling out is one of those good problems, and given the amount of online and traditional media the book has received since we launched, it looks like Amazon better stock up!

Here’s the monster list of Climate Cover Up mentions, we’ve had more than 200 separate posts over the last 6 weeks:

[PS: for those of you yet to review Climate Cover Up, let me know when you do and I will put it out on a few of our “monster” Twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon accounts]

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