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Friends of Science "educational funding" facing U of C audit?

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UPDATE: sent this email to the University of Calgary today requesting an update. I'll let you know what I hear back.  

According to this email exchange (pdf.) posted to sourcewatch, it looks like the University of Calgary is considering an audit of the controversial 'Science Education Fund' that was used to fund the oil-industry backed so-called 'Friends of Science.'

The exchange is dated back to March, 2007 with no further updates. I've sent off an email to the University of Calgary requesting an update.

If any of our readers has an update, send me an email at desmogblog [at]

Ball Bails on Johnson Lawsuit

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The self-styled Canadian climate change expert, Dr. Tim Ball, has abandoned his libel suit against University of Lethbridge Professor of Environmental Science Dan Johnson. Ball dropped the suit without conditions, but also without acknowledging that Johnson’s original comments were accurate and were reported in good faith.

Friends of Science: Forgotten, but Not Dead

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The Calgary-based and oil-industry-funded Friends of Science is still foundering about, denying the science of climate change and embarrassing itself by trying to overstate its connections to the University of Calgary.

Oil-a-palooza, Newsbusters attempts to resurrect the Friends of Science

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The “Liberal Media” bashing Newsbusters is complaining today that the American media have ignored the 2005 Climate Catastrophe Cancelled video produced by the “Friends of Science.”

Newsbusters asks: “Think you’ll see this video on American television any time soon?”

If it is to appear on American TV, which based on the quality of production and factual inaccuracies I am guessing not, here's a bit more on the Friends of Science and Newsbusters for you to consider. 

Channel 4 Now Ashamed of its Experts

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After a DeSmogBlog post yesterday complained about academic misrepresentation in the promotional material for a UK television show (The Great Global Warming Swindle), Channel 4 went back into its website and removed all reference to the “experts” that it plans to quote in the program, due to air March 8 at 9 .m.

R. Timothy Patterson

R. Timothy Patterson


  • Ph.D., Geology, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), 1986. [1]
  • B.A.,  Geology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., 1983. [1]
  • B.Sc., Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1980. [1]


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Tim Ball: Deceptions, Prevarications and Arguments with no Evidence

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The following article, (with my own annotations in boldfaced italics), popped up last week on a right-wing website called HumanEvents .

Tad Murty

Tad Murty (Deceased)


  • Ph.D., MS, Oceanography and Meteorology, Chicago, USA (Masters in 1962 and PhD in 1967). [1], [2], [12]
  • M.Sc., India. [1], [2]
  • B.Sc. (Physics), Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. [1], [2][12]


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Dr. Tim Ball: The Lie that Just Won't Die

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The deathless and - in many specific respects - completely fictional meanderings of Dr. Tim Ball have begun appearing again on right-wing blogs all over the net. At City Troll, at Convenient Untruth and at New Orleans Lady, the same tired and retreaded old climate rant paints Dr. Ball as the courageous victim of a plot to silence a well-meaning skeptic.

But Ball can’t even tell the truth about his own resume. His claim to be the first Climatology Ph.D. in Canada is a total falsehood; his degree was in historical geography - not climatology - and it was nowhere near the first ever granted to someone writing vaguely in the field.  It also was granted by the university as a doctor of philosophy, not the more prestigious “doctor of science” that Ball claims in these articles.

Timothy F. Ball (Tim Ball)

Timothy F. Ball (Tim Ball)


  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Science), University of London, England, 1982. [1], [2]
  • M.A., University of  Manitoba, 1971. [1], [2]
  • B.A., University of Winnipeg, 1970. [1], [2]


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