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Beligerent Tim Ball Harasses a New Academic

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The combative, thin-skinned and dishonest Dr. Tim Ball has launched a very personal attack on a Prince George, B.C. academic who has had the temerity to question Ball's grasp of climate science.

NRSP's Tom Harris on the offensive after CBC "Denial Machine" rebroadcast last night

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Here's a breathless email sent to me today by an anonymous source.

It's penned by NRSP's Tom “I can't disclose my funding sources Harris in reaction to a CBC rebroadcasting of the Fifth Estate's “The Denial Machine” documentary last night:

From: Tom Harris [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 4:22 PM
To: Tom Harris
Subject: Global Warming Propaganda continues on CBC TV tonight - at least the sixth rebroadcast of “The Denial Machine”

Hey Newsbusters, show us your science

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In very predictable form, Noel Sheppard at the oil-industry-friendly Newsbuster's, takes to task NASA scientist Jim Hansen's rebuttal to the misinformation and media hype around the minor adjustments to NASA's US temperature records.

Sheppard writes: “So, folks like McIntyre, Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen, Tim Ball, Benny Peiser, Robert Carter, Anthony Watts, and all those around the world including myself who are exposing the flaws in the anthropogenic global warming myth are jesters deceiving the public.”

Well, yes, in fact that would be true if you consider that within the context of science, there are those who are actually doing research and publishing their findings in the peer-reviewed literature.

A bare-faced lie - from a predictable source

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There is nothing particularly unusual about current weather and climate change – it is generally well within long-term normal patterns. – Tim Ball, CFP, July 20, 2007

The Sun Sets (finally) on the Solar Radiation Myth

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While the “cosmic ray” theory of climate change will probably still continue to be put forward by the persistent little army of global warming deniers, there's a new study to be published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society that appears to put the myth to rest once and for all.

Researchers have found that the Sun's output has actually fallen over the past 20 years, while temperatures continue to rise.

Any global warming denier who continues to defend this myth is more than welcome to send their scientific findings to the Proceedings of the Royal Society or any other peer-reviewed scientific journal for review and possible publication.

Ball Bails on Johnson Lawsuit

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The self-styled Canadian climate change expert, Dr. Tim Ball, has abandoned his libel suit against University of Lethbridge Professor of Environmental Science Dan Johnson. Ball dropped the suit without conditions, but also without acknowledging that Johnson’s original comments were accurate and were reported in good faith.

Harris, Ball Courting Political Isolation

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The Natural Resources Stewardship Project condemned Prime Minister Stephen Harper today for Canada's “total capitulation to climate change dogma.” In doing so, Canada's leading group of climate quibblers appears to be separating itself from the last of its potential climate allies.

Beck's "Climate of Fear" crashes and burns

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Is it scientifically valid to attribute one instance of total failure by the global warming denier campaign to an emerging long-term global trend of failures by the global warming denier campaign? 

Last week's Glenn Beck denier-a-minute special on climate change “alarmism” was a complete flop. The evening ratings are out and it shows Beck dead last in total viewers in the 7pm time slot. CNN can't be too happy, considering there was a considerable amount of hype-dollars invested in this attack on science.

I guess Tim Ball isn't the media darling the US think tank s have been making him out to be.

H/T: Media Matters 

Glenn Beck "Climate of Fear" transcript

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Haven't had a chance to comb through this yet, but thought I would post it in the meantime. I will bet anyone $5 that the word “global cooling” come up at least 5 times.

See attached.


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