Dispelling the Myths of Global Warming

Here we go again: In this undated post on the Christian Broadcasting Neetwork, we get the whole irrational argument again, and again from the usual suspects, the Cato Institute's discredited Pat Michaels and JunkScientist (and tobacco shill) Steve Milloy.

The best line in this post is Michaels twisted positioning on climate change: “Climate changes - yes, humans have something to do with this change, but climate has changed in the past without human beings having anything to do with it. There was an Ice Age not very long ago – 5,000 feet of ice over Chicago, and look, here we are, thriving on a planet with an ever-changing climate.”

So, America's most trenchant climate change denier agrees:

1. the climate is changing; and

2. humans are contributing to that change.

But he says that it's no big deal and too expensive to fix. He adds that the Kyoto Accord - the single serious international effort to address the problem - should be abandoned because its goals are too low. Yes too LOW.

He recommends that instead of doing too little, we should do nothing at all.

The position is insensible and can only be rationalized by Michaels' self-interest, by the money he takes from the energy industry to promote this blather. The only outstanding question is why the CBN continues to give him the ink. Is no one there paying attention to the contradictions in their own stories?