Dr. Doug Leahey: Do any of the Friends of Science not lead back to oil and gas?

As the DeSmogBlog team continues it's research into the Alberta-based super skeptic society, the Friends of Science, it is becoming more and more surprising the links to oil and gas interests and the Harper Tories.

We're not even really trying, we type their name into Google and a barrage of questionable links, from legitmate sources pop up.

 The latest is the President of the Friends of Science, Dr. Doug Leahey, who, according to the Bercha Group, an Alberta Oil and Gas Consulting firm, is as an independent consultant to the oil and gas industry. Now if Dr. Leahey wants to work for oil and gas companies, the more power to him. We here at the DeSmogBlog, aren't about bashing big oil (unless it's warranted) and all about uncovering the PR trickery behind the climate change debate.

However, as we continue to uncover more and more evidence, the picture of the Friends of Science becomes more and more hazy.

Here what we know so far about those behind the Friends of Science:

  • Dr. Tim Ball - nothing, but will shortly.
  • Prof. Barry Cooper - member of Harper's infamous “Calgary School”
  • Dr. Sallie Baliunas - US skeptic and American Petroleum Institute funded scientist
  • Morten Paulsen - PR practitioner and longtime Tory
  • Dr. Madhav Khandekar - expert advisor and contributor to oil backed spin machine Envirotruth
  • Charlie Simpson - former oil and gas employee

Now don't get me wrong, we don't have any outright proof of anything yet, this is just an update on where we are at.  

And there is more to come, so keeps those tips and rumours coming in everyone and we will keep plugging away until we have the whole story behind the Friends of Science.