DSBlog game: what's wrong with this picture?

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What's wrong with this picture

Here's a fun, albeit easy, game of “tell me what's wrong with this picture” for you regular DSB'ers out there.

As many of you know this is Tim Ball , star of the recent “Great Global Warming Swindle” that is receiiving a regular thrashing right now, even by one of the scientists that appeared in the film. I blurred it a little to make it at least somewhat of a challenge. 
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Nothing really wrong with the picture. The article, on the other hand, claims that The Great Global Warming Swindle is “receiviing a regular thrashing [sic]”. That statement alone is hilariously divergent from reality.

Yes, in ‘some circles’ you can claim any degree you like. Maybe I’ll be a mathematician today. No, an engineer. A brain surgeon maybe. Hey, now I’m an accountant.

Regarding the video, this is VERY interesting:

About the Swindle

Finally an answer! So in the shock jock Durkin's latest grab at instant notoriety, Ball is touted as a current professor at the University of Winnipeg (which he isn't) and from the department of climatology which doesn't exist now or ever.

This is spin and at first it might seem petty, but what would have been the impact of Ball's appearance in the film if his title was: Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor of geography, university of winnipeg.

Or better yet: Dr. Tim Ball, current “Chairman” of an organization founded by Ottawa energy lobbyists.

Gentlemen, Time will catch up with you Tim Ball bashers. No matter what he is or isn’t, this guy Timmie has Balls. The Al Gore preached Global Warming theory already crumbles. Oceans will not rise with “meters”. Large parts of Antarctica are so cold that even a significant increase in temperature would not melt the ice cap. In fact, increased snowfall on the vast lands of Antarctica is making the total ice layer grow at present. The “Great Global Warming Swindle” may have a few errors (as if Al Gore’s piece is error free)but boy, everybody ought to see it. As they should see the Inconvenient Truth. Nicely made Hollywood style production, a bit too political to my taste, almost Religious, don’t you just hate that? Whatever happens, Al Gore’s war chest for the next election will be filled to the rim. Watched the Oscars? Then you know that he will run again, Hollywood apparently demands it from him. You know what, I actually liked the guy. I was stunned when he lost the Florida vote counting and Bush won. Gore would have made a much better President. He’s got brains and we would not have seen the mess in Iraq. And…we would not have that Movie of his to deal with either. We would have a better relation ship with the Muslim world. Now that is a global threatening situation. Much more important than any increase in temperature ever will be. The present US government’s vision of the world is not one that makes me feel good. The fact that the US is so disliked abroad (not just in the Muslim world) is a big problem, that also effects countries such as Canada. Al Gore would have done a much better job in restoring an overall “feel good” factor about the US. We would be trading and helping nations to develop, rather than starting a senseless war. Think what all the money that has been spent on this could have done to make the world a better place for more of it’s inhabitants. Back to Tim Ball: Hey, even if he was sponsored by Oil money, what the heck? The guy needs to eat and pay the rent. Who’s paying David Suzuki’s bills? Just look at his website and see who his sponsors are. No big deal. Is that OK? To me it is OK. David needs to eat and pay bills as well! But as far as you are concerned, Gas and Oil interests can’t pay for the opposite site of the debate? Get real, act like a grown up please. Next time Kevin you fill your car’s gas tank, realize that you are paying for Tim Balls bills if it is true what you claim. Isn’t that a great thought? Or if you fire up your heating system at home, you are doing it again…get rid of that nice backyard BBQ now, that is probably the worst enemy of the “Global Warmers” such as yourself. I actually admire David Suzuki’s work, he should be applauded for the tireless work to educate people about nature. Nature needs to be respected a lot more, I believe in avoiding a wasteful lifestyle, recycle, use less electricty, walk when you don’t have to drive: save the precious resources and use them with care. I am all for the push to develop leaner driving cars, new sources of energy, stimulate our engineers to come up with great saving ideas. The only problem is that on the CO2 issue we don’t agree. By the way: have you ever blown up a balloon with your own breath? Noticed what happened to the balloon once filled with your own produced CO2? Right, after a while it will end up on the floor, it’s heavier than air and maybe that explains why most CO2 ends up back on land and in oceans, not in the atmosphere. Fill it with helium and wooow, up, up and away it goes! This current month of April has been the coldest April in about 120 years in most parts of the USA. Places like Holland on the other hand experience a super warm month of April, people are already going to the beach! Unheard of. They’re lovin’ it! Climate is changing, it is no different from the previous 4.5 billion years. Anyone that believes that it only changes now because of our activities, needs to give his head a shake. It’s almost arrogant to proclaim that we are responsible for climate change, that we humans can make the weather. We can’t. Mars is warming up too, last time I checked there were no SUV’s and CO2 spewing factories on Mars. In fact, CO2 is the prevalent gas over there. Maybe if we were to plant trees on Mars, if we melt the ice caps there to get the water needed, we could create an earth-like atmosphere as the trees in turn would produce oxygen. Mars was colder before, with all the CO2 that is there. The reason why there is a warming trend now on Mars, of course, is our big, hot, yellow friend in the sky: our Star, the Sun. Dear People, CO2 can’t possibly be called a “pollutant”, we would not live here if it wasn’t for CO2. But the big mistake that is made now by Governments the world over in the ever going hunt to get your vote come next election, is that we are now going to be flooded with so called “green” initiatives of “carbon credits” “carbon tax” (yeah,that’s exactly what we need, another tax….)It’s hilarious to think that this will do it. Just pay and you can pollute?? The Earth is covered for 75% by oceans. They have a large influence on the weather. Of the remaining 25%, according to the National Geographic, all humans with all their cities, homes, farms, factories et al combined, occupy no more of the Earth’s surface than the total land surface of European country Spain. We would all fit into Spain. I could not believe it when I read that, but then again, most of Spain is pretty empty and has lots of room for people to move into. Kinda hot and dry in the interior over there in summer. The rest of mother Earth is vastly e-m-p-t-y 4% of all the Globe’s surface would be able to influence the weather on 96% of the balance? I don’t take that as a “yes” You?

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Nothing really wrong with this picture, I think he is just being very expressive of what he says. Where the world economy seeing its worst nightmares come true. We must learn certain basic life principle that can go along the way that will help one in having a peaceful and fulfilling life even the economic situation gets worsen and worsen. It is just a normal tendency for each one if us to think something for future especially when it comes to financial issue. House and Senate debate a bonus tax on bailed out companies, Wal Mart is doing just fine. If it passes the bonus tax won’t apply to Wal Mart. Wal Mart, the perennial retail heavyweight champion, has actually posted a pretty good year, and that’s the reason they’re giving cash advances out to their employees, down to the lowly stock people and cashiers. While larger firms invest a lot of money to make it look like they really do something, Wal Mart has actually done the work and posted profits. They shouldn’t have to pay a bonus tax.