Energy Industry Tiresome on Climate Change

Here's a great little story with a funny Freudian slip. The first part of the story carries baleful complaints of an industry that says (rightly) that addressing climate change will take time. Canadian Electricity Association President, Hans Konow, is quoted saying, “It's not a 10-year game. It's a 25 to 50-year game.''

Of course, if his industry had not been stalling for the past 15 years, it would be a 10-year game ….

Which leads to the slip: A sentence later in the story reads,

“Environmentalists warned government officials to be weary about the electricity association's proposal to steer resources towards non-renewable energy technologies such as coal.”

On one hand, I presumed the writer meant wary, not weary. On the other, this coal-fired indirection is exhausting, no?