Environment think tank hits back on NDP's National Roundtable claim

The Pembina Institute, a top Canadian environmental think tank, released a statement late last week in reaction to the BC NDP’s claim that a recent report released by National Roundtable on Environment and Economy supports their intention to scrap the BC carbon tax.

Matt Horne, Director of BC Energy Solutions for the Pembina Institute said: 

“The National Round Table report says that Canada needs an economy-wide price on carbon as soon as possible. Experts agree that this could be accomplished through either a carbon tax or a cap and trade system. The Round Table is opting for cap and trade only to align with federal government policy.

The B.C. NDP’s proposal for a limited cap on industrial emitters would only cover up to 32 per cent of B.C.’s pollution, whereas B.C.’s carbon tax covers 76 per cent. So rather than being consistent with the Round Table’s call for an economy-wide price, the NDP’s proposal would take B.C. in the opposite direction.”

The NDP’s assertion that a carbon tax would cost more than a cap and trade system is simply wrong, and is not supported by the Round Table report.” (my emphasis)


It is unfortunate that these supposed non-partisan organizations would take such an ill-informed and wrong-headed position on these issues.

Brief quotes from the NDP policy:

  • Fight climate change by setting hard caps on greenhouse gas emissions by 2010, to achieve a 33% reduction by 2020.
  • Build on the work of leading climate change experts to develop a continental cap and trade plan, such as the plan proposed by US President Obama.

That’s a 33% overall reduction. It is in fact the BC Liberals’ carbon tax policy that leaves 30 % of emissions un-taxed.

Pembina, Suzuki and Berman have all demonstrated an unfortunate partisan political position that is increasingly alienating them from large segments of the environmental movement, by misrepresenting the BC NDP position, and supporting a regime that has the worst environmental record in the province.

One can only ask: ‘What agreements have been made with the Liberals on the side.’ I mean, they  use the opening day of the election to slam the NDP, and then try to say it isn’t partisan. Do you think we were born yesterday?