Even OPEC Says We Should Take Global Warming Seriously

At a meeting this week in Riyadh the 12-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced that it will do its part to tackle greehouse gas emissions. 

The Chair of the summit and Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi, stated that:

We (Saudi Arabia) are willing to participate with others to help in reducing world emissions because like the rest of the world we are concerned about the environment.”

Seriously, is there anyone left in the world other than a small group of flat earthers, and ideological TV/radio  schlock jocks that haven't woken up to this issue? 


On a slightly related note - there are some interesting maps of power generation and CO2 production, with other statistics, here: http://carma.org/

No where in this statement is global warming mentioned.

Concern for the environment does not equate to promoting your particular agenda.

They indeed didn’t say anything that suggests the world is warming because of emissions. And there are quite a few people who believe the Earth is warming due to completely natural reasons. Let’s all just drive >30MPG cars for a few years to be on the safe side. Down with Hummers.

the linked article? If you take the statement out of context, your comment applies, but the whole AFP article makes it clear that the statement by the Saudi offical was referring to global warming.

“De Boer [executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)] … said that OPEC had shown “[not only] recognition that oil is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, but also a willingness to talk about how oil can be produced and brought to market in a cleaner way… Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi, who chaired the debate with de Boer, … said the host country was concerned and ready to act. “We (Saudi Arabia) are willing …” etc.

watch out for menbearpig!

I have to agree, they only state they are concerned about the environment. I think that global warming is occurring, but in the statement you quote, they are not acknowledging or denying global warming.

but they are participating in a session dealing with AGW, and they are certainly not disagreeing with the basic assumption of the co-chair. That’s a start.

Some think OPEC is simply scrambling for something, anything other than peak oil, to explain increasing oil prices. As long as they’re building indoor ski hills in the desert, as in Dubai, I think we can discount these comments as simply “saying what others want to hear”.

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