Ever heard of the "Natural Resource Stewardship Project?" Brown University has.

If Brown University newspaper's Don Trella ever wants a job writing at DSBlog, we would love to chat. Check out Trella's piece on Tom Harris and the NRSP

A couple of good quotes:

The NRSP is a coalition whose leadership includes about half of the last handful of climate scientists of note who reject global warming as a “myth.” 

 Ironically, they realize their position is so out of the mainstream, they have to use a name that not only belies their true purpose but in fact implies they are environmentalists.


Very astute, except for this part: “…climate scientists of note”. A retired contrarian. An 18th-century weather diary analyst. A mechanical engineer turned PR person. A couple of writers for the energy industry. An academic who was unknown before loudly claiming rebel status by ignoring the facts. Hmm.