Exciting Updates and New Additions to DeSmogBlog

DeSmogBlog was launched five years ago to clear the PR pollution that clouds climate science by exposing the influence of polluter interests working to mislead the public about global climate change.  While we have educated millions of people along the way, the success of the fossil fuel industries’ ongoing campaign to create confusion and ensure policy inaction demonstrates that our work has never been more important than it is right now.

As we mark the 5th anniversary of DeSmogBlog.com, the DeSmog Project is excited to announce new leadership, improvements to our website, additions to our team of writers and researchers, and a glimpse at our plans for 2011.

Brendan DeMelle, a valuable contributor to DeSmogBlog over the past several years, will now serve as Executive Director of the DeSmog Project and Managing Editor of the blog.  Brendan is excited to build our growing team of writers and researchers, and to oversee a forthcoming significant expansion of DeSmogBlog’s Research Database, which serves as a one-stop resource for journalists and citizens interested in learning about the individuals and organizations responsible for misleading the public on climate change.

Science journalist and New York Times bestselling author Chris Mooney returns to DeSmogBlog to contribute thoughtful analysis and commentary twice each week about the state of climate science communication and politics.  Chris was recently appointed to the Board of Directors at the American Geophysical Union, where he will advise scientists on improving communications with the public and lawmakers on climate change and other science matters.  We’re thankful to have Chris back on the DeSmog team.

DeSmogBlog.com readers will notice some new improvements to our website starting today, including enhanced social media networking tools, a fresh look to our menus and new options to increase the dialogue between our writers and site visitors.  

Readers visiting DeSmogBlog.com via mobile devices such as smart phones and the iPad will now have complete access to our site content, including images and multimedia.  We also have an iPhone app coming soon, designed to provide instant access to our growing Research Database, enabling policy-makers, journalists and others on the move to quickly research the purveyors of climate disinformation.

Jim Hoggan, co-founder and president of the DeSmog Project, is currently working on a new book exploring the history of corporate propaganda and dissecting the myriad ways the public and lawmakers have been duped by misleading and inaccurate PR campaigns on a number of issues, including climate change.  Beyond exposing these nefarious misinformation campaigns, Jim will explore the question of why, despite prodigious effort, humans are failing to respond to the sustainability crisis, and what existing and emerging solutions exist to this planetary crisis.

Please bookmark DeSmogBlog.com, sign up for our weekly newsletter, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back often to learn more about our efforts to expose the PR pollution that clouds climate science.