Exposing ExxonMobil's Climate Change Doublespeak [video]

As President Obama hosts the world’s 17 largest economies to discuss a new desperately-needed global binding treaty on climate change, the oil, coal and gas companies are in overdrive trying to undermine the process and maintain their profits.

And Avaaz.org is calling out the worst of the bunch, ExxonMobil Corp., in a new commercial they want to run on CNN.

The video plays off an ExxonMobil ad that might look familiar given its heavy rotation on the major networks lately. Here’s a screenshot of the original ad - and below that is the much more reality-based Avaaz version: 2009-04-29-exxoncorporatead.jpg

If you want to see this ad run on CNN you might consider throwing a couple of bucks Avaaz’s way to help with the ad buy - think of it as offsetting the big polluter’s hot air.


Cool Video, its clear the oil companies dont care about climate change.

The thing is though they actually are in the best position to do something about it. They have the funding to start renewable power plants and fund new research, but instead they would rather spend it on bribing people in the media to play down global warming


Lame ad. The real opposition to a hard cap and trade regime will come from the Democrats.

So what is the purpose of this ad? To set up Exxon as a strawman to blame for the failure of Democrats to support cap and trade. This is simply preempitve “positioning” to place blame where it doesn’t belong and away from Democrats who will not pass laws resembling anything like they preach. Just wait and see.