ExxonSecrets and the Slick 60 Climate Change Denial Gang

DeSmogBlog reader Patrick Arnell very kindly spent a great deal of time connecting 20 of the more infamous signatories to Canadian climate change denial petition to the institutes and funding agencies that pay for their opinions. The resulting map is available here. Just “skip intro” and you'll be taken to the map, which shows pretty clearly what a complex web we're dealing with!

Thanks to Patrick and, as always, to Exxonsecrets.org for this excellent resource.


Aaaahhhhhhhhrrrr. The information may be there, accessing it is the problem. Took me ages of going through maps before I found a page (had to go back to Google to find it) with a list of organisations, where the facts can be found. That should be the main resource, not the maps; the maps should be the extra’s, IMHO. Having said that, thanks for collecting and publishing the info, though.

You’re in PR, you may be able to convince them (I’ve tried, no response) – putting everything behind a barrier that limits access only to people with the latest “Flash” software is very counterproductive if they want to reach people.

 There are too many security risks with Flash.  People can’t always have their computers wide open to that kind of stuff.

 Most smart sites offer a non-flash alternative.  Regrettably both Exxonsecrets and the Inconvenient Truth website insist people open up using Flash.

 Flash isn’t content.

ExxonSecrets.org has every organization and person fully detailed in html “Fact Sheets”  But, the Flash maps are what makes the database sing - letting you illustrate connections between people and orgs graphically. 

On front page hit “view html factsheets” 

 have fun!