Fool Me Once: Thorough - and devastating - explanations

Those in search of clear, accessible explanations that debunk the latest denier talking points will be delighted to discover Wellesley College postdoc Alden Griffith and his website, Fool Me Once.

The site’s subtitle is perfect and perfectly accurate - “What climate change deniers fear most: thorough explanations” - and Griffith provides two such explanations, so far. They’re in the form of PowerPoint-style presentations with a voice-over and they categorically destroy the notion that (in Christopher Monckton’s mendacious phrase) “Arctic sea ice is just fine” or that “global warming has stopped.” I only wish that I had wallet-sized copies of Griffith’s graphs so I could flash them at annoying relatives who parrot these lines as if they have some validity.


This is a brilliant site. Can’t wait to see his future explanations.

must have been ‘pro’ to the cause. but what does this have to do with CO2 one might ask? but surely no one here will answer