Ford chief executive admits global warming is real; GM official calls for action

Alan Mulally, chief executive officer of Ford Motor Co., told a news conference, “The vast majority of data indicates that the temperature has increased, and I believe the correlation and the analysis says that is mainly because of the greenhouse gases keeping the heat in.”

Mulally made his comments while announcing the appointment of Susan Cischke, Ford's vice president of environmental and safety engineering, to the new post of senior vice president in charge of sustainability, environment and safety engineering. The move, Mulally said, was meant to underscore the importance of this issue to Ford's corporate strategy.

The same day, General Motors Corp. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz urged the U.S. government to take a Manhattan Project-like approach to creating a national energy policy, bringing the best minds in the country to bear on the issue of energy sustainability and independence.


Well if Ford would make popular and economical hybrids like Toyota, Honda, and other foreign companies, they would not be hurting as much as they are. I think Ford admitting Global Warming is real, is just a start, they need to commit to something that says they care, and maybe Americans will buy more Fords instead of supporting foreign companies.

Interesting how when a corporate “shill” is skeptical about global warming, we’re told not to trust him because he works for the oil/coal/auto industry. Yet when someone from the same industries says that global warming is real, then of course there is no bias; the person is simply ‘waking up’ to the reality of AGW.

Personally I agree with Mr Mulally on “bringing the best minds in the country to bear on the issue of energy sustainability and independence”. And I recognize there is just a teeny bit of bias from a company selling hybrid cars.

When “shills” are making statments based on scientific conclusions with 90% certainty, it is definitely a welcome turn of events. When they continue to keep their heads firmly planted in the sand, we tend to look at their motives.

Surely you realise that the smarter car companies started building hybrid cars because they could see there would be a demand for them. The dummies who have lived in denial are finally facing reality and understanding that they have some catching up to do.

…the best minds in the country decide that personal vehicles and low-density communities are a major obstacle to energy stability and independence?

There is still a market for big, climate-changing vehicles (saw a hummer in my apartment building’s parkade the other day) and I think it is naive to assume that anything these guys say publicly isn’t tainted by marketing.

I agree. If Ford is really serious with their campaign, they should start by making and designing ford parts as well as other car models which are friendly to the environment and more fuel efficient.