Forget hybrid, try the TRI-brid

The Prius is great, but the new Brazilian-made “Obvio” kicks hybrid up to the next level, the “tri”brid technology. Recently unveiled, the 3 passenger Obvio Tribrid uses hybrid technology, like the Prius, but can also run purely on ethanol fuel. According to Zap, the American distributor, these next generation commuter cars are the only US cars that can run 100% on ethanol.


This field is so technology wide side,nice and good to auto sales business.

I have a question about the supposed CO2 neutrality of cars that run on ehtanol.

Granted, ethanol is produced by growing plants that remove carbon dioxide from the atmopshere.

But… and it may be a big but, the corn (and other) crop farming that is used to produce ethanol ALSO uses a large amount of fertilizer, which requires a lot of energy input (usually coming from the burning of fossil fuels).

So it is by no means obvious that the net effect is carbon neutral. 

 I presume someone must have acactually figured out whether ethanol vehicles are actually carbon neutral, but I have yet to see the calulation.

Perhaps you have a link? 

I poked around a bit, and while I am always a little skeptical of of wikipedia entries, the one on ethanol is pretty extensive with lots of links out. From what I can see, ethanol is not carbon nuetral, but a heck of a lot better than fossil fuel – it’s also a renewable source as well.

Here’s the wikipedia link:

Hope this helps.