Fox News Still Spewing Smoke Despite Vows to Clean Up

Despite a very public announcement by News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, to reduce his corporation's carbon footprint and encourage companies who work with them to do the same, Fox news continues to feature opinions that challenge, ridicule and misrepresent any forward thinking around combating global warming.

The latest attack comes from host Sean Hannity who calls carbon offsets a 'sham' and a 'crock' and, suggests that purchasing offsets is akin to buying one's way out of committing adultery. On the other hand, Rupert Murdoch has endorsed carbon offsets, saying that they are a measure to be taken when emissions are unavoidable.

I wonder if there's anyway to offset Hannity's verbal pollution? Perhaps Murdoch should address reducing his appearance entirely and that might legitimize an intention that we've yet to see any evidence of on Fox. Thanks to Media Matters for the editorial.


French thinker Jean Francois Revel wrote decades ago about how the left is constantly tempted by totalitarian ideas. Could there be any clearer example than this musing by Ms. Murgatroyd who wants to silence someone whose view disagrees with her own?

Her view also reinforces the contention that the desire to save mankind from itself really masks a desire to rule. Re-education camps anyone?

She doesn’t want to silence anyone who has contrary views. She probably wants to silence the ideologically-blind who can’t seem to actually talk about the science because their “science” has been completely debunked.

It is not a symptom of the left. It is a symptom of ideology; left, right, blue, yellow, happy, sad. You are practicing this phenomenon by claiming it as a characteristic of the left only. I don’t expect you to get this, by the way.

“Could there be any clearer example…” Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? It is a  blog, not Dostoevsky.

oh, btw…mission accomplished. I actually DID waste time responding to you, which means I didn’t do something useful instead. Your paycheque is earned.

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Memorial Site to Tammi Terrell still hosts permanent opinion columns from Steve “junk science” Milloy and the Heartland Institute, both of whom receive funding from ExxonMobil and are at the heart of the climate denial industry.