Frack Attack Music Video Warns of Gas Drilling Dangers in South Africa

The anti-frack movement just got a bit cooler thanks to Treasure the Karoo Action Group (TKAG). Today, the citizen-led environmental organization released a hip-hop music video designed to create awareness about the dangers of fracking in South Africa.

The animated music video is a part of TKAG’s larger campaign to prevent fracking in the Karoo region before an adequate scientific evaluation of the process has taken place. “Our drive against fracking has many elements – such as a legal challenge, a challenge to the regulating authority PASA, and community engagements. This music video will become a part of our strategy as we campaign against fracking in South Africa in general and in the Karoo in particular,” said group chairman Jonathan Deal in a press release.

The video features a young Cape Town artist, Jitsvinger, who uses a local dialect to describe social and environmental devastation caused by fracking. The accompanying images are of a young man, who moves through a gradually degraded landscape.

Frack attack

We hope this video will help us spread the message about the potential risks involved with the use of fracking. If fracking is allowed to be implemented without careful research and planning, it is the entire country that will be directly or indirectly affected,” said Deal.

The lyrics, which TKAG provide an English translation of, describe the struggle of a resource rich region, targeted by industry “vultures.” Fracking “makes the whole ecosystem toxic” and brings “poison that spreads through the taps.” The message to the gas industry is clear: “take that failed technique and hit the road.”

As Deal explains, “we are talking to the youth because they are the ones who will be most affected by the potential social, economic and ecological damage caused through this mining technique.”

The South African government has imposed a temporary ban on fracking until further scientific study can take place.