Welcome to DeSmogBlog's portal to our coverage of fracking and the unconventional oil and gas industry. 

To view every article that DeSmog has published about fracking, please visit this string of posts (125 items and growing).

Below is a selection of some of our key coverage of the fracking industry:

Fracking The Future: How Unconventional Gas Threatens Our Water, Health and Climate - DeSmog's full-length report about fracking.

Gas Industry's Use of PSYOPS military psychological warfare tactics on U.S. soil - DeSmog's investigation into the gas industry's troubling intimidation campaign.

Frac Sand  - a collection of articles related to the mining of sand for use in hydraulic fracturing.

Shale Gas Exportsa collection of articles related to exportation of fracked gas in the form of LNG (liquefied natural gas) 

Shale Gas Bubblea collection of articles related to the a prospective “shale gas bubble” akin to the 2008 “housing bubble”

Fracking Climate ImpactsDeSmog's coverage of the “Cornell Study,” which showed shale gas extraction is dirtier than coal from a crade-to-grave lifecycle standpoint 

Shale Gas “Bridge Fuel” - Our coverage of shale gas as a “bridge” leading off the climate change cliff

Shale Gas-powered Vehicles - Our coverage of T. Boone Pickens and others' promotion of shale gas-powered vehicles 

Additional fracking information from around the web:

New York Times series on fracking - Drilling Down

ProPublica series on Fracking: Gas Drilling's Environmental Threat

ProPublica timeline of notable U.S. government actions on fracking: From Gung-Ho to Uh-Oh: Charting the Government’s Moves on Fracking

Gasland,” the Academy Award-nominated documentary film

Split Estate,” a documentary film about fracking 

Triple Divide,” another documentary film about fracking