Report: How to Manufacture Public Doubt about Global Warming

With the Heartland’s Institute’s “International Climate Change Conference” (aka. Denial-palooza) we thought it would be a good time to launch our new report: “How to Manufacture Public Doubt - analysis of the public relations techniques used by the climate denial industry.”

So please grab a copy, enjoy and consider emailing the link on to your friends, blogging on it, Tweeting it and/or sending to your friends of Facebook.

You can donwload the PDF version here: “How to Manufacture Public Doubt - analysis of the public relations techniques used by the climate denial industry.”

Here’s an excerpt:

There is a long and well-documented history of the development of very effective public relations techniques that are used to create doubt about the realities of scientific conclusions that threaten to impose government regulation on corporations. Most of these techniques were developed and honed by public relations professionals working on behalf of the tobacco companies to downplay the harmful health effects of cigarettes in the late 80’s and early 90’s. For the last ten years or so, these same PR techniques have been used very effectively by free-market think tanks and fossil-fuel funded organizations to sow public doubt about the realities of climate change in the hopes of delaying government action on the issue.

- 1969 internal Brown and Williamson strategy document

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The Denialists have a basic in-built advantage, insofar as it’s the human condition not to want to dwell upon unpleasant things. And let’s face it, considering the prospects for future generations in the light of human activity and the science, isn’t exactly encouraging.

How many people want to think about themselves getting old, with failing health and dying? I’ll wager that most people think to themselves - I’ll think about that tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes!

Thinking about what we are doing to the planet is very similar. Many people are in a state of private denial [not the type bought and paid for by the private foundations or the fossil-fuel industry]. 

Living in Georgia, we have blamed our wacky weather on Global Warming for years. Now, I’m beginning to be a believer. Last Sunday, we had 2-3 inches of snow. (Our first for the year) The snow melted by evening, and the weather began to warm up. This past Saturday (a mere 6 days later), my son received a sunburn to the back of his neck after playing outside for several hours in 70+ degree weather. What’s going on here? (Other than my need to have both mittens and sunblock ready for my kids each day.)

Thanks for the pdf link… its a nice report. Probably I would forward it to my friends. Few of my friends do have their own personal blogs.. I would ask them to post this link on their blogs so that it might help others.

Alex Aurie

It’s not that hard to fabricate doubt, since a claim remains a myth until proven otherwise. Those PR companies can just make up some stories and claim global warming false.

While I do respect constructive and scientific discussions, deliberate fabrication of doubt is just despicable.

Doubt is our product because its the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the minds of the general public” - 1969, Brown and Williamson tobacco strategy paper.


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This conference has really uplifted the doubt among public regarding global warming. Like said above, cigarettes are very harmful for our health. The government and other private institutions are playing a major role in creating awareness among public by providing them information about the harmful effects of usage of such products. I have just downloaded the copy of the report, i will give it a reading and then will post a review soon.

Women’s Fragrances

its high time no w, we should start working to save our planet „ or our next generations wont be able to see what we witnessed.

The time has come to save our planet from the evil of global warming. Cigaratees are very very harmful for our body, as it may cause cancer. It affects our lungs. I’m proud of these organisations who are working to clear the doubt among people reagtrding these evils prevailing in the enviornment. I have just downloaded a copy and will post the reviews very soon.

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Well, i’ve read Ross Gelbspan’s book The Heat is on: the climate crisis, i’m surprised that why our governments don’t take global warming seriously, there’s hardly any awareness among people when it comes to global warming issue, i recommend everyone reading this article at least once so more and more people get educated about the techniques to atleast reduce this issue

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