FreedomWorks Creates Error-Filled Site To Accuse EPA Of "Killing Jobs"

FreedomWorks, the sister organization to the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP), has launched a new website and advertising campaign to convince American voters that the Obama administration and the EPA are out to destroy American jobs.

FreedomWorks has been instrumental in creating the Tea Party in America, bankrolling the so-called “grassroots” group and fueling their hatred against the Obama administration by spreading false information. In addition to early funding from the Kochs, FreedomWorks (formerly called Citizens for a Sound Economy) has also received funding from the tobacco industry.

The advertising campaign is prevalent on Facebook, with the ad seen above appearing on numerous user pages. But there’s a problem with the current ad – FreedomWorks didn’t take the time to check their work, resulting in the ad directing interested users to an invalid web address. Clicking on the Facebook link takes you to “,” instead of “” There’s no telling how many confused conservatives attempted to visit the site, only to receive an error message.

After realizing the mistake, and visiting the correct misinformation site, users are greeted with a giant banner that reads “THE EPA KILLS JOBS.” After being blinded with that blatantly false information, users can either “GET THE FACTS” or download FreedomWorks’ materials. The “FACTS” section actually provides no facts or statistics of any kind, and instead urges users to “stand with” noted climate change denier and the dirty energy industry’s favorite shill, Senator James Inhofe.

The downloaded materials provide a better understanding of what the group is actually trying to say:

1. New taxes that will impact thousands of businesses—large and small…By increasing complicated regulatory standards, the EPA is hitting American businesses with a brand new tax. Facilities ranging from factories to churches that can’t afford to upgrade their equipment would be forced to close!

2. Massive new regulatory taxes on electricity…Expensive new standards targeting coal fired power plants—the source of most of the nation’s electricity—would raise costs for consumers and businesses. Billions in new costs would be passed on to energy consumers and the energy security of millions of Americans would be put in serious jeopardy!

3. Costly new regulations on cement plants…Our nation’s cement plants are perhaps in the most precarious position due to the EPA’s aggressive new regulatory agenda. A recent Southern Methodist University study estimated in excess of 15% of plants would be forced to close, costing thousands of jobs, raising costs, and dramatically hurting investments in U.S. infrastructure.

4. New restrictions effecting common household products and materials…The EPA wants to re-define coal ash as a hazardous material. In doing so, they will eliminate the use of this product in the making of many things we rely on including building materials like cement and drywall – in turn, driving up the cost of these products!

5. New regulations on emissions that would force many communities to impose costly new restrictions on consumers and small businesses…New ozone standards would put many out of reach, triggering extensive new regulations that would have sweeping and devastating new economic consequences affecting virtually all consumers and businesses, with new standards for everything from car tailpipes to factory smokestacks—and everything in between.

Interestingly enough, these points provide no specific examples, no sources, and no links to help illustrate or back up their points. And there’s a reason for that – these talking points can’t be backed up.

As we’ve pointed out before, environmental standards and the subsequent enforcement of those standards would result in a net gain of jobs for American workers, not a job loss.

The clean air standards that the EPA has put in place – as required by the U.S. Supreme Court – also create jobs for our economy.

In fact, the only people who would pay the price for any of the issues mentioned in FreedomWorks’ material is the dirty energy industry, not small businesses and churches, as they tell us.

But that’s what front groups like this are for – promoting the goals and visions of polluters by claiming the issue affects the average, working class American.

The reality is that not enforcing regulations would have a dramatic effect on Americans – on our health, our livelihoods, and our environment. Enforcing these rules just means healthier living and a few less dollars in the pockets of energy industry CEOs.


Me thinks we need a Chris Mooney article on this quite serious situation!

Maybe there’s even another book in all this too! ;)

Regulations add costs to companies that must be passed on to there customers. In California, where Apple does not make iphones and ipads, heavy environmental regulation does not appear to be creating many jobs.

Regulations have nothing to do with why manufacturing was ever exported.  Nothing.  Labour costs are strictly the unit of concern, not the environment.  To be crystal clear manufacturing for technology is identical in all countries except for labour.  Same clean rooms, same ESD protection, same pick and place machines, same (you hope) parts.  Different workers.  It even takes the same amount of time to manufacture electronics.

The biggest cost is engineers who earn less in Mexico than Canada, they earn even less in Tiawan, and even less in China.  Novatel exported its Manufacturing from Canada to the US to Mexico, to Taiwan, to China.   As the production lines moved, familiar company faces started showing up next to Novatel lines.  And every step of the way, a few $ were shaved off the manufacturing cost.  (It wasn’t much.)

It got so bad for Nortel (not Novatel) that the manufacturing arm in Canada was trying to figure out why electronics in China failed more.  The circuit boards had dirty finger prints on them causing solder to fail after a year… from peasants dragged out of the fields and told to work in the factory.

Environmental regulation has nothing to do with what you talk about Conman. You are perpetuating a Myth.

As more of the world embraces clean technologies and invests in a clean future Canada and the US will be left behind.

In essence when Canada and the US finally do decide to catch up, they will be buying equipment from countries who have experience, and know how to make it.  You are exporting jobs with every word you speak. The future isn’t behind is. It is in front of us.

While the cost of labor certianly has a lot to do with whether a job is created, it is not the only determining cost. Manufacturing needs lots of dependable electricity. Regulation, while some of it might be needed, clearly does not make electricity cheeper. Renewable mandates also make it more expensive and less reliable. Intel has said it will never build another plant in California.

The citizens of Alberta are meant to be subsidizing a 32 billion dollar power line to the US.  At least, according to Americans we are;

The good stuff is about half way through.  There are 4 more lines. (Evidently you have a a spare 96 billion dollars to give away to your American friends.  And really its a subsidy for coal and natural gas industry.)

Environmental regulation has nothing to do with what you are talking about.  The jobs we have kept in North America are generally low volume (<1,000 units a year) industrial.  That’s because the cost of labour hardly figures into it.  In high volume (>10,000) the cost in parts drops hugely, and labour looms large.  In low volume, a memory chip will cost $20.  In high volume it will cost $2.  In North America the labour will be $20, and in Asia it will be $2.  In volume, the most expensive part on a circuit board is labour.  All other technologies are identical. Clean.  You can’t make the same electronics ‘dirty’, its not possible.

You claim renewables make energy more expensive and less reliable?  The biggest variance in your power grid is…. DEMAND. Wind is more predictable than demand.  Its a fact.  Perhaps you and your hillbilly friends think the US DOE, and absolutely all untilities are lying…  Whatever.

In Alberta private companies are rolling out wind without any subsidy.  And this is cheap natural gas and coal country, right?   And wind is rolling out despite abusive market conditions;

Critics of Enmax argue it has unfair advantages because of its ownership by the city, and have charged it sells power at prices that are too low. Enmax denies the advantages exist and has always asserted that other suppliers could easily access and sell power at rates similar to those of Enmax, but chose not to.

Last I checked, I’m paying half of what Americans are, see the part above about power lines. (If they can’t get the gas down there… burn it here.)

Your cost numbers for wind don’t make any sense at all.

First, and foremost you assume that pollution is free.  Its not.  Indeed… pollution is the only reason the tar sands are considered a problem.

Second, wind is used to save money… its not just lower emissions, it results in less use of gas and coal.  Ireland sees a 4% ROE for every dollar invested in wind.  You can thank high energy prices for that.

Third, energy prices are expected to go up. That is the goal of LNG ports.  If they can sell on the world market then we have to compete with the world for our own gas.  Its $12 a GJ in Asia.  The floating rate in Alberta is $3GJ.

So Mr Conman, check this out;

I can drop off grid, but with prices like this, why bother?  I can sell my spare electricity back to Enmax, and they’ll subsidize the installation.  They put in a 1.3Kwh system for $3500 and $15 a month.  I’m only using 635 kwh per month in winter, so I’ll be making cash if I switch to solar this way.

Yup.  It pays to be a conservative Conman.  You should stop listening to propaganda and try to be more conservative.