Friends of Science a Political, NOT Scientific Clique

Here's another in the recent Friends of Science (FOS) flurry, a story in the Daily Oil Bulletin (DOB) that (surprise!) takes issue with the science of man-made climate change.

It raises a series of questions. If FOS cares about science, why does it expend all its energy and a huge anmount of money on politics and public relations?

If DOB cares about accuracy or balance, why would it report that 60 scientists signed a letter challenging climate science – without reporting that a week later, 90 more senior scientists responded with a letter attesting to the reliability of the current scientific consensus.

Finally, if Dr. Tim Patterson wants to be taken seriously on his theory that sunspots have caused global warming, why is he afraid to share any graph that extends beyond 1980 (when sunspot intensity went one way and climate and temperature went another)?

Friends of Conservatives? Clearly. Friends of the oil industry? Absolutely. Friends of Science? Woefully, there is no evidence to suggest so.