Friends of Science Ads Are Wrong and Should Be Pulled

Isn’t Halloween over? Then why is Friends of Science (FOS) rising from the dead with a new radio campaign.

Or maybe its April Fool’s because the FOS ads are so inaccurate or misguided that they must be taken as a joke - or must be playing us all for fools.

The ads, currently running on radio stations across the country, make the claim that there, “Hasn’t been global warming for over 10 years.”

I put this to a couple of top climate scientists and both said, unreservedly, that this is an outright false statement. Both pointed to temperature data on NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) that very clearly shows that temperatures over the last 10 years have been some of the hottest on record.

According to NASA, the five hottest years on record have been:

1) 2005

2) 1998

3) 2002

4) 2003

5) 2006

Then, there’s this graph of temperature measurements since 1880 that also clearly show it isn’t getting any cooler.

And if for some reason you don’t think NASA know what they’re talking about, there’s always the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which also measures global temperatue. Their measurements similarly debunk the claims made by the Friends of Science.

I know that media are hard up for ad revenue, but the Friends of Science ads are irresponsible; they  should be pulled immediately.

There are two ways this can be done.

The first (and the most effective) is to call or email the radio station when you hear the ad and demand that the ad be pulled AND that the station run a correction.

In fact one media personality is pretty much calling for this on his own station already.

Then, send a complaint to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which is in charge of regulating such things. Here’s the information you need to make such a complaint.

Now, before the trolls start complaining at the foot of this post, let’s deal with the complaints.

First, this is not an attack on “free speech.” This is “paid speech” and it’s wrong. If a company was advertising items for sale at a price they wouldn’t honor, their ad would be pulled. FOS are advertising a world that doesn’t exist, and recommending that we act on their erroneous counsel. It’s wrong, it’s dangerous and it should be stopped.

Second, there are surely some out there who will point to 1998 as the year that the Hadley Centre in the UK identifies as the hottest on record. Well, go slam your head against the evidence. “Statistics” and “damn statistics” should be left to people who are competent to deal with them. “Lies,” on the other hand, should be tracked down, rooted out and dismissed.


Dispute the degrees with the Pew Centre at the link I provided. I assumed that you wrote the original comment above, but it was mascereye. You both seem to think US temperatures are important, which they are not except to Americans experiencing them.

I believe the data “mascereye” may be refering to is related to 2 e-mails Jim Hansen sent to some higher ups when this whole thing got blown totally out of proportion.

Folks can read both of Dr Hansen’s replys at the links below but here is a brief cut & paste from the 1st one….

“No need to read further unless you are interested in
temperature changes to a tenth of a degree over the U.S. and a thousandth of a degree over the world.”

here is the 1st e-mail link titled, “Light on upstairs?”….

and here is the 2nd, “The Real Deal: Usufruct & the Gorilla”…

Hansen has quite a sense of humor despite his obviously not being amused.

Vj if your so sure that the ice caps are going to melt, I want you to predict a date and time, for both north and south caps. I have a prediction. My prediction is that neither caps will melt in our lifetime and the amount of ice will be greater than it is now. I hope you realize there have been stories about the artic melting since the early 1900s. So, why should we give any more credence to these new stories that sound almost the same?

Becaused the predictions now are by scientists, not science fiction writers.

Why don’t you join in this bet?

And a current update about the ice:

Vj, great link. I went to it but I don’t think it allows me to place bets? Could someone please tell me how I can bet this idiot? He predicts artic sea ice to be gone by 2020? I’ll bet a thousand dollars against him if someone can tell me how to bet or get a hold of him.

The the long term average minimum extent from the graph in the links about looks to be about 7 million sq. km. If I understand the bet he is wagering it will drop below 700,000 sq km. (10%) before the end of 2020. Looking at the linear regression trend on the NSIDC site for September, the low month normally, the ice has retreated from about 7.8M sq. km in 1979 to 5.5 in 2009 or 0.08M sq km loss/yr. At that rate it will take another 70 years to get to zero, or about 60 years to get to the 10% of the 1979 to 2000 average number.

Obviously he is betting on the trend accelerating from an average decline of 0.08M sq km addition loss every year to something like 0.4M average loss per year (5x).

I think he’s going to lose badly, but maybe a volcano will save him by extinguishing the bet.

Blimey, you don’t want much do you?

Ok, here goes…
Ten past teatime (and 32 seconds) on the 31st of February in 2018i

I think you are on to something here. We have seen a lot of dire predictions from extremists like david suzuki and the IPCC but they never have to back up their predicitons with anything of value to them. If some alarmist is going to make a prediction he should have to take out a $100,000 bond to verify the accuracy of his statements. What would ultimately occur from that is you would get reports that say, “Sorry no global warming will occur in any substantional measurement”

What are some of the alarmists claims? I’d take a bet against most of them, but I’d like something closer to home than 2020. When is manhattan supposed to flood over? When will the maldives be under water? When will mount kilimunjaro explode due to excesive heat? Should be any day now right?

I’ll throw some cool hard cash on the table. Give me your best near term alarmist predictions that can be verified by independent observation.